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Podcast 14: Before the Storm

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We're coming at you with a mini-sode just before the storm of GenCon. Included here is a brief commentary of what the best we could hope for out of GenCon would be, another entry in the Mailbag, and finally, a FAQTalk.

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  1. rlrthesecond imported's Avatar
    about Johnny Storm... I think "when fielded" abilities trigger as soon as the character hits the field zone, not while they are in the process of moving to the field zone. So, in this instance, I think you could knock out the Sidekick you fielded to trigger Johnny Storm's ability.
  2. paradox1995 imported's Avatar
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  3. paradox1995 imported's Avatar
    I agree with rlrthesecond, and this is how we've been playing it in our local group