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Getting ready for GenCon News

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I wish that we were THERE, but we're not, so we'll just be in a holding pattern as we wait for news. I'm hoping for something of significance - perhaps something about a FAQ or a lovely solution to the supply issue - so for right now we're laying low as we wait for some kind of news from the con later this week.

Otherwise, the meta is the meta right now and there isn't a lot to say about it. We're anticipating taking it a little slower until we have more to dig into with Uncanny.
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  1. Jadato imported's Avatar
    You guys wont be at Gen Con? I will be there all four days, I'll forward you any pictures/stories I come across.
  2. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Only one 2 cost character card in the entire Uncanny starter set. Kitty Pryde.