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Podcast 13: X-Men

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In this week's episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Katie, and Evan talk about recent games that they've played. Next, FAQTalk! Finally, we have our final factiondiscussion - the X-Men.

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  1. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Nice broadcast, guys. A lot of good stuff there. Beast 666 is indeed a really good card but if you're going to start house-ruling do you really want to start with him? Pretty sure there are a couple cards that are way more out of whack...

    By the way, no offense, but color me fairly shocked that you guys didn't know how Phoenix: Jeannie worked. All she needs is one fist on Smash. Not any more difficult to manage than a mask on Distraction. Come on, the games almost 3 months old and there's only 134 cards! You guys need to start playing with a few more characters!
  2. Mac imported's Avatar
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  3. Mac imported's Avatar
    Whoa, wait. Did you guys say that Venom's debuff would continue on to the end of the turn even if he were rerolled into energy? As static effects any "while active" abilities end the moment that character is removed from the field. It wouldn't carry on without him the way a bonus from a "when fielded" ability would.
  4. Loran imported's Avatar
    Hey Mac, I thought the exact same thing and wondered where this ruling had come from, so immediately checked the rulebook.

    I think this comes from the Bonuses and Damage section, which describes modifiers to attack and defense as 'Bonuses'. And then importantly "Once gained, bonuses last until the end of the turn."
    So it is saying that any time a die gets +-A/+-D, it stays there until the turn ends no matter what.

    However, in the example within the Active and Fielded section describing Captain America: Natural Leader it says "This effect takes place only when you have a Captain America die in the field. If you have no dice of that type fielded, your Sidekicks get no benefit." which would imply to me that as soon as Captain America is removed from the field, the Sidekicks lose their bonus.

    So ultimately I am still confused and unsure of the correct answer. If someone has seen this answered by WizKids I would love to read it.
  5. Ryan Carroll imported's Avatar
    The way it's written right now, anyone that was in the field before Venom was rerolled would still have the debuff until the end of the turn, whereas newly fielded dice would not. It's one of several inconsistencies that we're all hoping get resolved when the next Rules FAQ is released.
  6. Dave imported's Avatar
    For the first part, you're right. I'd also continue by tearing Johnny Storm in two and using it to ignite Wind Rider. I'm pretty much on your side that the game just doesn't work with the current card set, but it's just one set, and I'll still maintain that no game like this is perfect in its first iteration.

    None of that Jeannie strategy matters because you'd just single block her. Unless Thrown Car was also in the mix, there's no reason to multi-block her, but now we're talking about a 7 cost character and a 4 cost basic action. Further, she's a 7 cost who deals in character KOs, not in getting to your opponent, which doesn't help you win. I'd much sooner spend my energy on Cyclops.

  7. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, but I don't believe you are correct. Jeannie is indeed all about dealing direct damage, not just KOs. She deals damage equal to the attack value of anyone she's still engaged with at the end of the turn. When Jeannie attacks, since a blocking character is unlikely to KO her on his own, all you need to remain engaged is a single fist on Smash. No one is KOed from damage, then Jeannie's ability kicks in. Direct damage dealt, and opposing character sent to prep. This can of course continue while blocking and defending with Jeannie. Because in addition to Smash, you also like +D buffs with Jeannie (such as Take Cover and Vibranium Shield). If you then can force an attack and buff the attackers defense, then Jeannie can block, remain engaged and do the same direct damage ON YOUR OPPONENT'S TURN. Once Jeannie is in the field, you just save your roll for energy and she is a one-gal-band of destruction. The only way to stop her is to just take the huge attack damage by not blocking, or try to KO her by multi-blocking, which can backfire badly if the Jeannie player has the right energy or if there are multiple attackers obviously. She forces the opponent into some very tough choices all with bad outcomes. She is extremely powerful if played right and can end the game very quickly.

    Cyclops is a great card, but, once again, I'm not really talking about situations where you're cherry picking just the cards you want, but rather working with what you get in a draft. Plus, there are situations where he can't do what Jeannie does. A field full of Nova, Deadpool and Hulk isn't going to greet ILCK very kindly. Whereas Jeannie effectively paralyzes that player. You force attack Hulk, play Smash to have him deal zero damage to Jeannie, and then toss him aside for 8 direct damage! Big fun to do that, lemme tell ya! Almost as cool as control-attacking your opponent with their own Canucklehead with Loki Illusionist!
  8. Dave imported's Avatar
    Yeah, you're right, I misread the card.

    I haven't had the chance to play a draft. There aren't boosters within a pretty large radius around me, haven't been for months, and my FLGS isn't expecting things to change; they're not even certain that they're slated to get more AvX product at all, and they think that Alliance is screwing them because they don't stock enough Clix. This supply issue is killing me.
  9. Horatio imported's Avatar
    It's crazy how long it's lasted. Time to start making these things in the good old USA (or at least Mexico?) rather than wait 100 years for them to be loaded onto a boat and then a 100 more for it to float on over here.