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Podcast 11: Tournament Rules

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In this week's episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Katie, and Evan discuss recent Dice Mastersmatch ups! Then, we dig into a discussion of the new tournament rules. What makes sense? What doesn't? Also included - Mailbag!

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  1. PhelddaGriffey imported's Avatar
    I don't see a way for combat to result in a draw. Doesn't a fully bursted Force Beam kill both players from one life?
  2. Horatio imported's Avatar

    Looks like you got your wish for cool characters with some drawbacks. Check out the card text on X-23: Scent of Murder. X-23 cannot block. Some kick-ass attack numbers though.
  3. Katie imported's Avatar
    Evan is DEFINITELY excited for X-23, we're going to post a full review of the new sneak peek tomorrow.
  4. Evan imported's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm really excited that they decided to do some 'low cost, but drawbacks', and MORE excited that they did it one one of my favorite characters. It's pretty appropriate, though.
  5. Katie imported's Avatar
    Yeah, maybe we weren't being creative enough, still seems like a really particular set of circumstances to have two explanations in.
  6. Horatio imported's Avatar
    There are some awesome cards that we saw. Psylocke just absolutely wrecks Beast. Also a lot of answers in this set for Tsarina. And the best part - ICEMAN! Huge attack with a Totally ridiculous global that is so thematic I love it.
  7. basementcuts imported's Avatar
    Combat can end a three game best of match in a draw if... Time expires during game three with each player 1v1. Players resolve the extended five turns and have the same life remaining.