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Podcast 45: Top 10 Dragons

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We're back to some fun after the D&D; reviews! This time, a special guest joins the podcast for the first time. We discuss recent gaming and how we've been trying to build things up in our town. Then, Randy shares more about some older characters and Dave discusses a basic action. Finally, we close the show discussion our favorite dragons from D&D; and Yu-Gi-Oh.

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  1. Trevor Williamson imported's Avatar
    A couple of comments:

    1) I really enjoy hearing Lauren on the show. She might be a special guest, but having her on a bit more often wouldn't be a bad thing. Plus, the banter between Dave and Lauren is adorable. Maybe you could get her on with Evan, too?

    2) Abigail is the star of this show. It's super fun to hear her on the 'cast.
  2. Scott Hill imported's Avatar
    Do you guys not own any Copper Dragons?!

    Not only are they the only on-set way ofdealing with Gear (which puts one somewhere in my personal top 10 dragon list), but...