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Podcast 10: Avengers, Assemble!

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In this week's episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Katie, and Evan mention the games that we're playing these days! Then, we dig into a discussion of the Avengers! Who do we like, who do we hate? What about support staff like Nick Fury? Also included - FAQTalk and Mailbag!

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  1. PhelddaGriffey imported's Avatar
    I agree with the result you guys came to regarding the Venom/Storm interaction, but not the reasoning. Shouldn't Venom's "while active" clause takes precedence over the rule you guys cited?

    Anyway, have you reached out to WizKids to potentially have a rules manager guest on the show? A one-shot FAQ Talk episode with some authority would be excellent. At this time, the holes in the rule book seem to make an educated guess the best anyone can do when faced with these questions.

    Thanks for the show!
  2. ironcates imported's Avatar
    I wish Thor was a little cheaper, then I could see the Mjolnir rare combo.
  3. Smat imported's Avatar
    I see it as if the 2 abilities basically happen "simultaneously". So even though you have to take the time to reroll characters venom's ability has already happened so Storm has to be knocked out. Is it not the same as the FAQ example with Hawkeye and Dr. Doom?

    From the FAQ:
    For “When Fielded” effects, you ask “Was the character fielded?”— If “yes”, the effect occurs immediately as they are fielded. This will happen simultaneously with any static effects already in the field (like Doctor Doom Reed Richards’ Rival’s -1A/-1D).
  4. PhelddaGriffey imported's Avatar
    I agree. The fact that they are referred to as static effects leads me to believe the designers intended for it to work exactly like static abilities in Magic.

    What confused me was the statement that Venom's effect would continue through the end of the turn. The rule the guys cited was most likely meant to apply to effects like Take Cover, which for some reason does not specify until EoT.
  5. Riptide imported's Avatar
    Was listening and y'all mentioned the Venom global ability. I actually like the ability a lot in conjunction with a fielded Dr. Doom - Reed Richard's Rival in order to spin down and KO Tsarina prior to the attack step.