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Important Things

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Right? There are three Things, and we're talking about them, so that makes them important Things. Yeah, I know, it's a reach. But has it ever been otherwise with me?

Thing hails from the Fantastic Four and is a pretty burly dude. To be honest, I have yet to use him in the game, and that may change after going through the review today (EDIT: After writing this, yeah, I'm definitely giving the big guy a shot very soon)!

Here are the usual details for the next poll, aboutsigning upfor Board Game Geek in the first place, and theguild pageso that you can join in and participate in the stuff that we do over there.

With out further ado, we bring you: Thing.

<h3>The Die</h3>
Thing's dice reflect the brawny fellow that he is - mostly. He offers fist energy, a total fielding cost of five, and no bursts.

I like to think of the 3/3 on level one as if he was a little tired or something. Perhaps, given one of the card abilities, they didn't want him to skew too high with just a fielding cost of one on that face, but certainly other characters can be pumped up at level one beyond that. It's also possible that they just wanted to make his power level a bit more hit or miss.

My dice are in good shape except for a little lack of clarity around his mouth, and I think the color scheme works very well here.

<h3>The Card</h3>
Thing's abilities all have to do with gaining strength, especially when outnumbered. Perhaps he has a bit of a chip on his rocky shoulder? Either way, here's what Thing brings to our squads:

[u][*]Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed - Cost 6 - At the start of the attack step, if the opponent has more fielded characters than you, Thing is unblockable and takes no damage while blocking .[*]Grim Ben - Cost 5 - At the start of the attack step, if the opponent has more fielded characters than you, Thing gets +3/+3 until the end of the turn.[*]Idol of Millions - Cost 7 - When fielded, if the opponent has more fielded characters than you, draw and roll three dice.[/list]
All of these are pretty straightforward.

ELBE, an abbreviation which makes me thing of Elby's Big Boy, makes thing a very interesting option if indeed you are outnumbered. Avoiding blockers and avoiding damage is no small thing, and his higher levels let you get some decent damage in.

Grim Ben makes him a little stronger so that he can weather a beating. He strikes me more as a good blocker, as I'm uncertain how worthwhile it is to attack with him while outnumbered - unless you're using Thrown Car. Sadly, I find it difficult to get the stars to align with Thrown Car.

Idol of Millions is an interesting draw accelerator, and if you have some crazy scheme to get him in your bag and out fast enough for this to matter, you probably could have won by other means in the same amount of time.

<h3>My Favorite</h3>
I have to go with the common here - Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed. As much as weenie rush decks are a thing, it's possible that this could be a win condition on its own at the higher levels. It's also something that, in combination with NOGG, is controllable, through KO'ing your own sidekicks to NOGG's ability. I don't think that this has seen a lot of play but could be interesting in a deck that also uses Angel "Soaring" and some action dice like Power Bolt and Invulnerability. Six cost can be steep, but it's not hard to run up to it. However, you have to have a means of getting him back out quickly, as you can't guarantee that you'll roll the highest level right away.
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  1. Tom Landy imported's Avatar
    May want to add up his total field cost again. ;-p