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Podcast 7: Uncanny X-Nalysis

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In this episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Katie, and Evan discuss the OP that they wish they'd been a part of. Then, we analyze all of the information that we've seen so far from the next set. Exciting? You bet! Also included - Mailbag, and FAQTalk!

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  1. Jadato imported's Avatar
    Awesome episode guys and gal! I too am excited about seeing the vision. Also, I am super excited about Black Panther. He's always been a fan favorite of mine on the Marvel side of comics.

    Also, I have a question. How do you guys feel that the second set of Dice Masters is again relating to the X-Men instead of another notable Marvel or even DC IP? I had a discussion with my cousin about this and we are both a little turned off that the second set is primarily featuring X-Men, again. Why not Guardians of the Galaxy, Asgardians, Thunderbolts or even DC comic franchises?
  2. Katie imported's Avatar
    I think we all have 'similar but different' feelings on the topic, but for me? I'm pretty upset we didn't get more Fantastic Four, or even that the set was more balanced between the four factions. We are going to (again) heavily draw from X-Men and Villains, and some of the characters who are coming back (Iron Man, Captain America) have NO justification for being affiliated with another team, and both of them even have a pretty hard time being unaffiliated.

    I wouldn't mind the Guardians at all, but at the same time that's only a handful of characters who make up the 'core' and I can understand why don't want to make a whole new faction.

    Mostly my 'main' feeling is: why is it Uncanny *X-Men* and not Marvel Dudes (and Dudettes) The En-Marveling? If they truly want to cultivate that 'AvX' feel, they need to not put so many cards on the X side, completely neglecting the 4, and making Villains completely unplayable in a thematic sense due to several cards.

    Sorry for the long winded answer, and thanks for letting us know you're listening!
  3. Randy imported's Avatar
    I think they should have take a cue from the Marvel deck building game, Legandary, and had the Marvel Knights as a faction. For those who dont know, Marvel Knights was a subdivision of Marvel for a time that typically focused on more street-level heroes with an edge. Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Daredevil are prime examples. (BTW, it's a crime that we still don't have Daredevil in Dice Masters yet.) I think adding more X-Men is totally reasonable, and more wanted than the Guardians or Asgardians. Given tbe characters we have and haven't seen yet, i think it is very possible that we have a Guardians of the Galaxy team down the road. Given the team's rich history, there are many popular and obscure characters that could be a part of it. Espcially if the upcoming movie is well received.
  4. Trevor Roberts imported's Avatar
    I don't really think that there is much of a gray area on Storm Ro vs Beast.

    666/Kreature would have resolved once assigned to block (similar to attackers assigning).
    Genetic Expert would not since he wasn't KO'd he was moved.

    If beast is rolled to an energy side then it wouldn't trigger since beast was not KO'd he was simply moved to the prep area. A better way to say it is if the card said "move to used" would you consider that KO'd? I don't think anyone would therefore moving to Prep should be no different and wouldn't trigger.

    Moving dice is different then KO'ing, KO'ing is different then Damaging (ie storm rerolling hulk doesn't trigger hulk).
  5. Dave imported's Avatar
    The question isn't about Genetic, it's about the ones who trigger on "assign to block" like 666.

    And it's not so cut-and-dried with them. Both trigger at the same time - after blockers are declared. The attacking Storm's ability would get priority because she's the attacker. If the Beast is rolled to energy, though, the Storm is still considered to be blocked based on the rules as they are right now.

    The question is whether or not the presence of the character is required for the ability to proc. Is the ability what gets in line or is it the character? If it's the character, than if Storm rerolls Beast and he's gone and he can't trigger. If it's the ability, then Storm's ability gets in line first, and then Beast does, and it goes off regardless of whether or not the die is rerolled to energy.
  6. Trevor Roberts imported's Avatar
    Ran into a RO vs my 666 in a touny finals so I asked for a ruling. The TO read both ruled the triggers were different points since beast say 'when' assigned as a blocker vs RO's 'after' blockers are assigned.

    After seeing it pointed out I have to agree it seems that the use of the word after pushes this ability separate then beasts. If Storm had said when engaged it might be different but as the card reads I'm 100% back to thinking 666 goes off an earlier event and occurs prior to storm. (You had me down to at least 60/40 )

    Not sure on dice being present though since 'when damaged effects' still go off on a ko right? And that dice is suppose to be off the board as soon as it hits 0 def? Also the entire once blocked always blocked rule...idk
  7. Dave imported's Avatar
    A good point, but regardless of when the triggers occur, they don't fire immediately. There's only one specified time that this occurs, and it would be at the same time. P6, 2nd bullet: "After blockers are declared, apply any effects that take place due to blocking or being blocked. As is the case with all ties..."

    There's no other time between that occurrence and the next bullet point for Storm to go off, so it must be during that part of the attack step, and therefore she must trigger before Beast if she's the aggressor.
  8. Trevor Roberts imported's Avatar
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  9. Trevor Roberts imported's Avatar
    The realty is the card text is poorly done for a Set of only 132 cards.

    The storm card should read 'when' blockers are assigned just as beasts does if it occurs at the same time.
    Since it reads after they are assigned it seems to me and others that this pushes out to a different window/timing event.

    While the game doesn't have a spot normally for this to occur card text trumps game rules so this window is created by storm.(after blocker effects occur)

    Same issue I have with magnetos targeting of a die rather then character...opens up too many questions.
  10. Horatio imported's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more, Trevor. The sloppiness of the card text is pretty frustrating, especially given the lack of a rigorous turn timing rule a la Android:Netrunner. Add to that the lack of feedback from WizKids and the obvious lack of playtesting that went into many of the cards it's been a bittersweet experience to say the least with a game that I really really want to love.
  11. Dave imported's Avatar
    I don't think she creates a new window at all. I think she fits into the area where abilities are supposed to fire, as her effect is one that happens as a result of blockers being assigned. The reason that Beast's text is more specific is because his happens ONLY when he blocks - but Storm happens whether she is attacking or blocking.

    In this case, it isn't sloppiness, it's an important facet of the ability.
  12. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    My favorite characters are Cyclops (already in the game) and Psylocke. It looks like we'll get Psylocke so that's awesome. I'd also love to see Jubilee and I think her card will surprise some people. She should have some distraction ability and then maybe an asterisk at one of her levels that activates a Vampire ability?