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Wolverine: A Logan-berry Jam

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The overwhelming winner of the last character poll was Wolverine. I'm not shocked. Long before he was made the centerpiece of the film franchise in the form of Hugh Jackman, he was a fan favorite. His edgy attitude, stubbornness, and independent streak made it easy for him to appeal to everyone as both the "tough guy" and the "bad boy."

Wolverine is a favorite in this game. He's useful in all forms, though not equally, and while initially Canucklehead was in demand, it's now up to individual preference.

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Let's explore the world of Weapon X.

<h3>The Die</h3>
The Wolverine die offers up fist energy - no surprise - and has a burst face though no burst abilities on his cards. It's been thought that this may show up in an organized play card, but there was also the comment by one of the designers that it was a mistake that was never rectified. The truth? I guess we'll see.

As you see, all of his stats are quite offensively skewed - certainly sensible for a character like Wolverine.

Aesthetically, the die makes sense in color scheme and looks good. It's also among the best dice in the set in terms of quality control. It's a good thing given the popularity of Wolverine.

<h3>The Card</h3>
Wolverine's abilities all have to do with the fact that at his core, he is a loner. While he is indeed a part of the X-Men, he's not at his most comfortable when he is a part of a team. As such, Wolverine (already powerful) becomes even moreso when he attacks alone.

[u][*]Wildboy - 5 cost - When he attacks alone, you may spin one opponent's characters down one level.[*]Formerly Weapon 10 - 4 cost - When he attacks alone, he gets +4/+4[*]Canucklehead - 6 cost - When he attacks alone, he is unblockable.[/list]

Wildboy is probably the least sought after of the Wolverines. This could be useful in the meta if it seems that higher level burst faces start to be abused in some way, but many of the prominent burst characters have the burst on their lower levels.

Formerly Weapon 10 - by the way, why didn't they write it out as Weapon X? - has a straightforward ability. He gets pretty beefy in this form; 12/8 at level three if you attack alone, and at worst he's a 9/6. Not too shabby.

Canucklehead is also incredibly straightforward. If you let him go alone, it's a free 5-8 damage.

<h3>My Favorite</h3>
It's easy to like Canucklehead, but that's not my pick here.

Formerly Weapon 10 is my go-to. The ability is still scary. The purchasing cost means that he has more flexibility in this form. Canucklehead begs for a deck to be centered around him, and he really doesn't do enough damage to finish things off, not in one go - and he's too difficult to field a ton of. Formerly Weapon 10 can be an important piece, a finisher even, but he doesn't have to be the focal point.

Wildboy would be fine if spinning becomes more of a thing. He could be an interesting support piece to Tsarina, leaving your opponent with no one to spin down, but at five cost, would you get him quickly enough? I think that there are other options that would benefit you more.
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  1. Riptide imported's Avatar
    I like the review. Wildboy is kind of sad. As a sort of extension of the idea of utilizing Formerly Weapon Ten here is part 1 of a two part article focused Wolverine as the center piece of a team (that also has an additional set of restrictions on it).