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This Week In Dice Masters

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Wow, it's been a busy week. Lots of news, lots of things happening. Here's a quick week in review, just in case you missed any of it.

Join us after the break.
<h3>WizKids Unveils Rainbow Draft</h3>

You canread the details here. Honestly, at this point, I don't know what to say. This will be cool, but does nothing for us right now, so I'm hard pressed to give this a lot of weight.

WizKids says in the article that they expect that "the Rainbow Draft will likely be preferred by most of your customers."

I call shenanigans.

It's not going to be "preferred" by anyone who doesn't profit from more boosters being sold. WizKids may prefer it, the game stores may prefer it, but I already don't need the boosters that Hybrid would insist that I buy. I'd have to buy a couple more here. Of course this is a business, but I hate the insistence that we buy, buy, buy for organized play. These should all be equally used formats. If an organized play reward ever hinges on a rainbow draft, I don't know that I'll bother. Outside of a special draft event, I'd rather pay a small entry fee.

They Also Address Shortages:</h3>
According to WizKids, it seems that more and more starters and boosters will be trickling out over the summer, and yet they continue to sell out at the distributor level. They theorize that they will shortly become the largest manufacturer of dice in the world (a crazy thought, yet unsurprising given this game and Quarriors). They also temper expectations a bit, noting that they're watching a strike situation that could impact their supply chain. WizKids also added a reprint of this set for September - which means that I wouldn't be shocked to see Uncanny be delayed as well.

<h3> Reveals OP Cards:</h3>
The folks over at Marvel gave us a glimpse of the basic action Rally and the character Spider Man "The Amazing", the next organized play rewards in the set. Rally moves sidekicks around and will give some options similar to "culling" dice, in that it gets them out of rotation and puts them in the field. I'm thrilled with anything that helps me get sidekicks out of circulation. Spider Man is now an Avenger and has a scary - though expensive - ability.

Check out Katie's take on the new Spidey here.

We Tear Down the Super Rares</h3>

Shameless self-promotion - our podcast dropped on Thursday.

This week, we talk about how the super rares can be taken down a peg - all of them, not just Mr. Fantastic. There's more reader mail, and all of the typical trappings.

<h3>DiceMastersDB Launches a Team Builder</h3>

This is their announcement; the folks over there were good enough to collaborate with us for the launch. Not only can you build your team, but you can also print out the list in an organized format for you to bring to organized play! If you want to read a little bit about our experiences with it, check it out here.

Spoiler: I love it.
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