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Our friends over at DiceMasters DB have added a team builder, and we were only too happy to help them with their launch! Here's the announcement for their new service.

I can say that it is exceedingly easy to use - and when you're done, everything ends up being based upon the link for the page when you're done building. There's no need to login, register, or do any of that to build your team. Simply save your URL somewhere and that'll take you right back to your deck.

To use the builder, you simply scroll through all of the cards, narrowing your options with the filter function to the left of the page. Click the arrow next to the character to add the card. Now, an image of the card will appear on the right! Above it, you can choose how many dice you're bringing with that card.

Don't remember which version of the character's card that you want? Just click on the little picture to the left of the name and a big scan of the card will appear on the screen to jog your memory. That same icon is below the cards that you've already added if you need a refresher.

Decide that you don't want a card anymore? Just click the trash button. In all, it's really easy to make changes at every stage of the game here. Here's what the final product looks like. To the surprise of probably no one, I elected to put the control team there. This was very fast and easy to use. Evan and Katie also gave it a shot and both had no issues. It's pretty easy to see the value here.

This is a wonderful tool for team building wherever and whenever you'd like. To that end, I tested it on my tablet and while I couldn't move quite as fast, I had no issues putting together a team on my iPad.

The team builder supports both the basic game and the tournament game. Happy building, and thanks for the folks at Dice Masters DB for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with them on the launch!
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  1. Dusten McAdams imported's Avatar
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. Muse imported's Avatar
    I would love to have an app or a site that allows us to have our collection of cards and dice updated and then create a random pool of characters to be drafted, with some filters to tailor the drafting options and therefor making a drafting system a lot easier for a quick game
  3. Andy imported's Avatar
    Muse -- check out this site:

    This let's you choose the cards you have, then randomize a draft pool or teams, along with settings to balance card cost and rarity.
  4. Muse imported's Avatar
    Yes, I knew about that one, but it doesn't save the collection... you have to do it each time... it has the thing that gives a code but at least for me it didn't work :s