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I'm playing around with the navigation bar right now; at present, to de-clutter, "FAQ" and "Contact" are nested underneath of "About."

We also now have the categories for character reviews, news, and strategy under "site content"

This should make things a bit cleaner and also gives us the room should we need to add an additional menu item or two in the future!

By the way, we love the support you've given us so far on Board Game Links - please click that little heart if you haven't yet!

Also, please rate us on iTunes! This is actually very important (and not for our egos) - the more reviews, the more visibility on iTunes. This means more listeners, and that means potential support from the industry which will help make the show better for everyone!

Finally, check out that Board Game Geek guild - we plan on doing some contests and other things in the future, and likely we'll use that as the (or at least a) medium for entry.

We appreciate any time that you take to lend a hand. Thank you all SO MUCH!

-Dave, Katie, & Evan
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