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Adult Swim with Deadpool

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Deadpool likes to break the fourth wall. If he could, he'd probably leap out of a card and change the name of one of the board areas to "The Dead Pool," perhaps replacing "KO." A lot of people like him and so it's no surprise that he quickly amassed the votes needed to tie with Angel.

All of that said, now that we've taken care of the ties, it's time for a new poll. Here are the usual details:

Our next poll is once again ready to go.You can find that here. If you haven't signed up for Board Game Geek yet,do so here. And, of course,join our guild- then you'll be able to participate in the polls. Each time, I'll remove the one who got the least votes, in this case Dr. Strange, and of course I'll replace those who won - in this case, that means I'm getting rid of two.

An almost entirely new poll! Excitement!

<h3>The Die</h3>

Deadpool has the lowest fielding cost in the game, so once you purchase him he's a decent bargain for the stats and abilities that he brings. He provides fist energy and the stats skew sharply towards defense. There are no bursts on his die.

You get a lotwhen you pay the extra energy for level three - two steps up in defense and a point of offense. Not too shabby.
That's not glare - the paint that bad on this die!

My Deadpool dice are the best looking in the entire set. I have four pristine dice for this guy. It must be something about the black-on-red color scheme, because all of my Spider Man dice are in similar shape.

Oddly, as good as my main set of them are, I have one that didn't get enough paint. I'll overlook that because of how awesome the other five that I own are.

<h3>The Card</h3>

These cards have the standard C/U/R distribution and range in cost from four to five.

Deadpool is the archetype namer for the characters that we refer to as Assassins. Given his mercenary nature and his skill as a swordsman and marksman, this fits quite well with the character. The fact that all of his cards also contain a degree of blocker control, that fits with his tendency to break the fourth wall. This may be one of the best thematic cards in the set.

[u][*]Assassin - Cost 4 -When Deadpool attacks, you may assign an opposing character to block him.[*]Jack - Cost 5 -When Deadpool attacks, you may assign an opposing character to block him. At the end of the turn, knock out that character.[*]Chiyonosake - Cost 5 -When Deadpool attacks, you may assign an opposing character to block him. If he knocks out that character, he deals 2 damage to each opposing character.[/list]

"Assassin" is quite straightforward. It allows you to nullify a character that you don't want your other characters to deal with or that you don't want to be KO'd. Let Deadpool, who ranges in defense from 4-7, take it rather than one of your offensively skewed characters.

"Jack" is also pretty straightforward - it's basically Assassin, but for one more cost you also are assured that the blocker will be KO'd. This is targeted.

"Chiyonosake" is a bit more difficult to pull off, though with sidekicks and other chumps, it's not too hard to find a specific target that could be KO'd. This would be beneficial against sidekicks, both in targeting them initially and then knocking them out after the fact - but it sets your opponent up for a big roll, and even if you clear the board, it doesn't matter for that turn. Your opponent has the chance to regroup.

<h3>My Favorite</h3>

In this case, less is more. I like "Assassin." He does the least out of all of them, but that's ok. There are a lot of characters that you don't want to knock out, and the other two encourage that. I would use Deadpool against characters that I don't necessarily want to get knocked out. If my opponent has a level two Gobby and I attack with a level two Deadpool and some heavy hitters, I want Gobby to stay on the field where he can't hurt me. Deadpool forces Gobby to block him, and now my others are free to KO what I wanted to KO, or even damage my opponent directly.

Second best is Jack, and it's a close second for me - very nearly a tie. Instead of keeping someone on the field, Jack gives you the chance to target and destroy - a true assassin. If you ask me, they could've/should've switched the names of the two.

"Chiyonosake" is especially a double-eged sword. Sweeping a lot of dice to prep is tempting, but they're in prep and I don't like that. With so many great "when fielded" characters out there, like Gambit and Storm (not to mention Gobby) this option scares me. If I'm doing this, I'd rather have the board wiped before attack, as with Johnny Storm/Green Goliath.
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  1. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    I LOVE watching my opponent squirm when I attack with Deadpool &quot;Jack&quot; and Punisher McRook. Two characters of my choosing are getting knocked out, potentially three if he tries to block Punisher to avoid taking direct damage.