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News: WizKids Event System Changes

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WizKids sent out an email this evening to those who have registered for the event system.

The gist of it is that they're migrating over to a new system for the entire thing. This is a welcome change, as the current system is quite archaic looking.

They're also adding the following enhancements for players:

[u][*]Follow your favorite stores to keep up to date with them[*]Select an option to be notified when your favorite stores host a new event[*]Select an option to receive reminders about upcoming events for which the player has registered[*]Find players by email or last name and look at their player profile (based on their privacy settings)[*]Adjust privacy settings for your profile information to control what you share with other users[/list]

Hopefully, Dice Masters players are able to reap the benefits of this just as quickly as players of WK's more established products.
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