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YGO/D&D Constructed Dragon Team: The Roster

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Who doesn’t like dragons? Personally, my childhood was littered with various dragon references from TV shows (Dragon Ball Z) to video games (Super Double Dragon) to professional wrestlers (Ultimo Dragon). Even as an adult, I love video games such as Skyrim and Dragon Age and the Ultimo Dragon, though now retired, is still one of my all-time favorite wrestlers. Though it wasn’t one of my favorite cartoons as a child, I always remember the scene from Animaniacs where the people of the middle ages kept yelling “The dragon!” over and over because of the dragon that had been attacking their town. And let’s not forget one of the most famous dragons… Trogdor. Back to Dice Masters: dragons are here and they are a very real threat. Using strictly D&D; and YGO, let’s make a fun, competitive team that focuses on using dragons to burninate your opponent.

First, let’s define what a dragon is. From the official Wizkids rules forum:

  1. They have dragon in their name/title (Half-Dragon doesn't count because it is hyphenated). Curse of Dragon and Thousand Dragon would count.
  2. They have dragon in their subtitle, AND have the D&D; Monster banner. Lord of D. doesn't count toward this because he doesn't have the Monster banner even though on some cards, he has dragon in his subtitle. Dracolich would count, since it has dragon in its subtitle and a Monster banner.

Now that that is out of the way, let's list all dragons, or cards that specifically affect dragons.


Baby Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Curse of Dragon

Lord of D.

Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Slifer the Sky Dragon

Thousand Dragon
Winged Dragon of Ra

Blue Dragon
Copper Dragon
Green Dragon
Red Dragon

First, the only non-dragons on this list are YGO’s Lord of D. Dragon Protector and D&D;’s Half-Dragon. Lord of D. is a must, since most of our fielded characters would in fact be dragons. The only problem will be making sure he is on his level one face… more on that later. The Half-Dragons are all good, but I like the uncommon, Greater Humanoid the best for this team. If we were just using D&D; to build a dragon team, then relying on a mix of dragons and action dice might be the best way to go. But for the purpose of this team, I think we just want to attack with a fleet of dragons and deal as much direct damage to our opponent as we can. Action dice will be a secondary plan, but more on that later.

Now… on to the dragons themselves.

After looking over all the dragons, there’s one that jumps out as a must have, regardless of what other dragons are on this team: Curse of Dragon Skeletal Structure. Just by having it on your team, whenever you field a character with “dragon” in its name, you can reroll all of this character’s dice from your used pile and field any that come up character sides for free. (Now I’m not 100% sure, but I think this DOES include Half-Dragon, because technically, “dragon” is in its name. We will ask the rules forum to see what they say.)

So there are three of our eight characters that are must haves. Let’s figure out what dragons we actually want to field.

I really like Baby Dragon at three cost. It’s a good early game buy. He’s cheap enough that you might be picking up multiple Baby Dragons early on, so with our Curse of Dragon it increases our chances to field multiple dragons, and with our Half-Dragon, each of those fieldings will deal a damage to our opponent. Heck, that’s a pretty good engine right there.

Our Dragons are already potentially cheaper to purchase thanks to Half-Dragon, but some of these dragons have beefy purchase costs. So let’s add Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monstrous Dragon to our team for his global, as well as being a big-ole dragon. (Remember, according to YGO terminology, Sidekicks are considered monsters.)

Now, let’s shift our eyes back to D&D; so we can get in on some breath weapon action, with three character spots left. I actually really like Blue Dragon Lesser Dragon. He’s four cost, decent stats, breath weapon 1, and he sweeps for damage when you use an action die. With all of our methods of reducing costs, he could potentially cost a single energy to purchase. We aren’t going to rely heavily on action dice, but the ability to deal a free damage to all characters is a gift horse I don’t feel like looking in the mouth. Now that we have a perk for using action dice, let’s bring the Red Dragon on board. On this team specifically, I think I like the common, Lesser Dragon. I know it’s probably the least flashy out of all of them, but that TFC of 6 is nothing to sneeze at. The potential of fielding him for free is great, especially considering we could put that energy towards his breath weapon during the attack step. Plus, he can make a basic action, like Power Bolt, cost only one energy with his global. We already touched on the bonus of using actions with our Blue Dragon in play.

For the last spot, let’s go with DracolichGreater Undead Dragon. Is a dragonteam really complete without an undead dragon? (well…. We already have Curse of Dragon, so I guess we have two undead dragons now.) He’s the same cost as our Red Dragon, but we can decide based on the events of the game which one could help us more. This Dracolich lets us purchase, and potentially use, action dice for free when he is fielded. I think this is just too good to pass up. The basic actions I would bring with us are Magic Missile and Polymorph. Magic Missle is just your straight forward Power Bolt with a fun global. Most of these dragons have bolt energy, so there’s a chance you could just chip away at a problematic opposing character or take out multiple NPC blockers with three or four extra energy. The burst side of Magic Missile doesn’t do anything for us… but I like the direct damage and the global. Polymorph is mainly there for the global. We have a few characters that we want for their “while active” effects, like Lord of D. Best case scenario, we can spin down Lord of D. to his burst side. Any of our four-or-more cost dragons are also great targets for spinning up to get those better stats. Baby Dragon, on the other hand, might be the perfect candidate to spin down. We will want dragons to keep hitting the field, so letting our Baby Dragon get knocked out to our prep area actually plays in to our strategy pretty well.

So here is my YGO/D&D; Dragon team. Ta-da!

Keep your eyes locked here on The Reserve Pool, ready for my Dragon teamstrategy and purchase order. Until then, drag on... or roll on.... or something.
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  1. Joseph Pilarski imported's Avatar
    Awesome idea
  2. Dylan Pearce imported's Avatar
    Thank you very much for this. I am just starting this game, and I am so glad that I have found this blog. I am starting with this D&D; set, and the DC later when it comes out. I do have one question for you sir; what kind of team would you create if you were going with full dragon team just using D&D; stuff? Or if not full dragon, then dragon focused?
  3. Dave imported's Avatar
    I would look to use actions like Magic Missile and such around Red Dragon's global. You could use a less expensive green or blue dragon too, augmented with Half Dragon, and then do some stuff with adventurers like elf.
  4. Dylan Pearce imported's Avatar;5135-3;5026-3;5104-3;5035-2;5050-2;5009-3;5022-2;5070-3;5013-2;

    That's something I came up with quickly. What do you think?