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The Reserve Pool, Social Media, and You!

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Hello everyone! We're taking an oh-so-short Memorial Day Weekend break from some of the Dice Masters content. I'm working on editing the podcast that'll drop on Thursday, but we wanted to take the time to say -

Thank you so much for the incredible response to The Reserve Pool so far. We can't thank you enough. This has just been too much fun and we're truly lucky to have received the support that we have thus far.

If you like the content that we have, there are certainly some things that you can do to help us make the site more visible. Some of these are incredibly easy!

<h3>Board Game Links</h3>

Remember how I said "incredibly easy"? This is that. You don't have to sign up, or post anything, or confirm your email. You just have to click on the little heart next to the name of our site.

Here's the link to our page.

You can also vote for Dice Masters - let's get this game waaaay up the page. Linky link link.

<h3>BoardGameGeek Guild</h3>

If you're on BGG, then you know what these are. If you aren't using Board Game Geek, I strongly recommend that you do - it's a great resource for just about every single board game that's out there. It's a fantastic site.

We have a guild page there, and when we run contests and some other means of interaction - such as poll topics for content that you'd like to see, and we're starting that soon - that'll be the place to go.

Here's our BGG guild

<h3>Other Media</h3>

Twitter - @TheReservePool

iTunes - Leave us a review! We'll love you forever! Maybe! We'd love to shout out to the five-star reviewers on the show.

* * *

These (hopefully) seem like very small things but they mean a lot to our visibility. Thanks again for all that you've done so far. The Dice Masters community is shaping up to be a wonderful one and we're so happy that you're letting us be a part of it.


Dave, Katie, & Evan
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