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EP1: Shaping the Meta

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It's Episode One of the podcast, a little early so that the podcast services get the listing!Dave and Katie introduce themselves and get right down to business - what cards are shaping the meta? What cards should be but aren't yet? And finally, we close with FAQTalk, a segment dedicated to the cards, abilities, and rules that we think need to be covered on a FAQ or errata.

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  1. Lazy Boy Reviews imported's Avatar
    Thank you guys its always refreshing to hear the opinions of others with regards to meta games. Brining gemkeeper and mcrook to the table is my go to selection but i would have though Beast "mutate 666" or an incarnation of gambit would have been around your meta choices urely for the speed in which they allow you to cycle through your bag. Anyways keep it up gang, look forward to future content!!
  2. blueeyedbanditt imported's Avatar
    Nice work - enjoyed listening! Katie nailed the counter to Loki and Professor X which is forcing them to attack with a global and taking the damage, it really does negate the effect of a card that I really liked in Loki...I honestly think there's room in every deck for either the Phoenix or Mr. Fantastic that forces the opponent to attack, its a counter to so many different strategies and can even be used to ramp yourself (via Beast)
  3. Katie imported's Avatar
    Lazy Boy, we're definitely going to be talking about the drawing/churning options at length! I believe Evan will be joining us for that podcast. To speak for myself at least, I don't see Beast Mutate 666 as 'meta defining' so much as 'a damn good thing to have', and I think those two things are different. I don't need a hard counter to my opponent's Beast, I just need to be mindful of what Beast does, and how that might give my opponent bigger turns.

    Never you fear, though, all those dice drawing options will be on the table when we continue to podcast!
  4. Katie imported's Avatar
    Excellent points, Blue. I am finding Phoenix and Mr. Fantastic to be a real double-edge sword. I'm sure at least one of us is going to be interested in talking about that global ability, maybe in a podcast, maybe in a post. It's a great way to pull out all kinds of pesky back line characters, Loki and Prof X just have the distinction of having an offensive stat that's not too horrible to take on the chin, you need another strategy for the beefier back line.
  5. blueeyedbanditt imported's Avatar
    Someone actually pointed out to me that the person playing Loki could also play Distraction to negate the Mr. Fantastic/Phoenix global albeit you'd always have to have a mask dice handy to spend
  6. Katie imported's Avatar
    Definitely true! But you start to force your opponent into not spending his/her dice on heroes, and that's its own reward as well! I've actually considered taking Phoenix/Fantastic and Distraction just to keep your opponent from being able to force out your dice. Wheels within wheels when it comes to sorting that stuff out.
  7. Kyle Hagan imported's Avatar
    Just a quick comment on the Venom-Doom combo. It feels pretty stable still because Mjolnir will only hit Doom ( as Venoim is not an official villain) so they still cannot field sidekicks or other 2 coasters. Then you are also possibly field Doom again the next turn as Mjolnir will just K.O. doom. This all assuming that I have understood the rules correctly.
  8. Dave imported's Avatar
    Thanks for listening! IIRC, Venom does indeed have the Hydra affiliation, which they seem to be doing for all villains at this point.
  9. Kyle Hagan imported's Avatar
    Oh derp I must have just gotten confused :P
  10. Dave imported's Avatar
    Happens to all of us!
  11. Nathaniel Baker imported's Avatar
    Any idea when the next podcast is coming out?
  12. Katie imported's Avatar
    Nathaniel, podcasts come out every Thursday, so you'll have a new one to listen to tomorrow!
  13. Nick Fleece imported's Avatar
    Loved this!
  14. Katie imported's Avatar
    Thanks a bunch, Nick! Make sure you subscribe, we've got episode 2 up as well!
  15. Wes C imported's Avatar
    Hmm the first and second podcast is missing from iTunes.. Where can I download it?