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Uncanny X-Men News & Reactions

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WizKids released an update detailing the future of the Dice Masters game. You can find the full update here.The first item is that the reprint is on its way - of course, we all knew that. The second is that new shipments of boosters will hit in July. I don't think anyone had worried too much about this given the availability of the boosters to this point. Another reprint of starters is on its way, but won't hit until August.

The other big item is that Uncanny X-Men (currently slated for launch in September) will have gravity feeds that feature 90 packs, up from 60. This should help with the rarity distribution.

The main question that I have: Is the projected September release of Uncanny X-Men realistic? If starters for Avengers vs. X-Men will only be in wide availability in August, is it feasible to release an entirely new set in September? No one likes delays, but I myself wouldn't mind a delay on the release of Uncanny X-Men.
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  1. Lazy Boy Reviews imported's Avatar
    Well with such a fantastic game, ill wait however long it takes for new content