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Organized Play Cards

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An article on revealed the organized play exclusive cards today and also gave us an idea of the structure of the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline. It's slated to take place over six months of events and these exclusives will be available through participation.

Here's a link to the article.

The new Thor uses the same dice but provides a new card. Like the rest of the Thors, this variant has to do with controlling fist characters; the life gain is a nice bonus, too. I'm not certain how effective this is in the current card environment, but more options are always better than fewer options. This is a good counter if you find that fist characters are ruining your day, but otherwise, I don't know that this one does enough for a seven-cost card.

The basic action provides rewards for team affiliations, meaning that there is now a potential reason to match up teams that don't yet have synergy, like the Fantastic Four (currently the Fantastic Three). It also has the potential to make Avengers and X-Men teams more dangerous. This could be a scary pairing with a Black Widow rush, especially if other Avengers are involved in that team.

One way or another, organized play is coming. I hope to get my hands on Teamwork at the least!

EDIT: Shaudius states below in the comments that the basic action cards will be the monthly participation prizes - so that'll work!
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  1. Shaudius imported's Avatar
    Its been established that the Basis Action cards are monthly participation prizes.
  2. Nathaniel Baker imported's Avatar
    It has also been established that the alternate art cards for the starter characters will all have unique abilites. It has also been established that there are 3 of the same alternate hero per OP kit purchased by an FLGS. This seems to insinuate that the top 3 in the tourny's will recieve these.