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Severe Weather Alert: Storm

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Bonus! It's another character review in less than 24 hours! Because sleep is overrated!

Ok, so next up in our series of character <strike>assassination</strike> analysis is the aptly named Storm. Let me first say something that's really stuck out to me early on in this process: I like every character in the base set. Every single one of them, even the less optimal cards, do a great job at demonstrating the potentialof the game. Beast "666" showcases dice efficiency; Hulk is a bruiser with various triggers. Spidey and Thor can control blockers. Human Torch deals in direct damage. I could go on and on.

This is true once more in the inclusion of Storm, who is all about dice manipulation for the opponent - another key tool in the toolbox of this game. As with many of the other starter set characters, she also is quite effective even as you buy boosters. But I won't rain on your parade with thunderous banter - let's blow through this review of Storm.

[prbreak][/prbreak]<h3>The Die</h3>

I love Storm's because - if you begin with the starter set - they're the first slightly transparent ones that you'll see. In a way it tells you a bit about the variety of color and composition that you'll see as you branch out into the larger game and that variations in texture and opaqueness are an option. I'll also note here that all of my Storm dice are in excellent shape.

Aesthetics aside, Storm carries a TFC of two, one of the cheaper buys in the game. This is a steal considering what her abilities are, but more on that later.

She is not a heavy hitter. She'll attack for either two or three, and that's it. Storm is also a weak blocker, with just one or two defense depending on the level. That said, her physical prowess is not what makes storm formidable.

<h3>The Card</h3>

As I said earlier, Storm is all about the manipulation of your opponents dice. Thematically, it's as if she summons the power of the winds and thunder and blows opponents right off the field of play.Each of the iterations of Storm do this to various extents. Her four cards cost two, three, four, or five, meaning that if you really want her to, Storm can fit into just about any part of your squad.

[u][*]"Ro" - This is the two cost version. After blockers are assigned, she forces the reroll of all characters engaged with her. Rerolls resulting in a non-character face go to the prep area.[*]"African Priestess" is the three cost Storm. She forces the reroll of a single target character when fielded. This time, results yielding a non-character face go to the used pile.[*]"Goddess of the Plains" costs four to purchase. She forces the reroll of all opposing characters when she attacks; it's to the prep area for non-characters.[*]"Wind Rider" costs five. She forces the reroll of two opposing characters when fielded. Like Priestess, non-charcters go to the usedpile, and the opponent takes two damage for each die moved.[/list]

"Ro" works best as a blocker; assign her to the most disruptive character that is attacking you and let her do her thing. This is limited; if a passive threat character like Professor X is the one you need to get rid of, you opponent won't let that matchup occur. Still, it absolutely causes disruption and forces your opponent to consider how and when (s)he will attack.

"African Priestess" needs to be KO'd a lot in order to take full advantage of her. She must be repeatedly fielded. The only way to make this happen reliably is to use her as a blocker. Her weak attack means that it's not difficult for the opponent to take the hit and let her shuffle away to the used pile. She can also be chump-blocked at levels two and three - still in the field but not KO'd and so useless.

"Goddess of the Plains"does work well because it can recur as long as Storm keeps attacking. It doesn't because depending on its success, Storm is either KO'd or off to the used pile after using it. Still, it's a useful effect, even if you only get to use it sporadically.

"Wind Rider"is the lone uncommon of the bunch and is found in the boosters. This one fires "African Priestess," if you can afford it in your squad, for three reasons: The first is that it forces the reroll of two characters, the second is that they go to used instead of prep, and the third is that she also deals two damage for each character moved. If you want some elements of control over your opponent, this is a good one at five.

<h3>My favorite</h3>
It's so difficult to say because these ladies are all so similar and there are things to like about each.

I think that "Wind Rider" is just ridiculous for what it does. It could whisk away two annoyances just like that, providing a clear lane for your offense and, of course, insult to injury with the potential of four damage to your opponent. Success with this card could set the table for further shenanigans on your part.

But there's something to be said for "Ro" as well. She is an effective blocker and easy to keep in the fold. She's also an early threat considering that she only costs two. That said, she may not always be the most effective buy in the early stages of the game. Though if your deck is pushing for control, then this might not be so bad.

The other two are just a mixed bag. "Goddess" could be very effective, but is a bit situational. "Priestess" doesn't excite me. Since she's a 3 cost to purchase, you can't buy more than one of her on an early turn. "Wind Rider" does everything that "Priestess" does, and does it better, andyou can absolutely get a five cost die out there early enough to wreak havoc.

So in my humble opinion, Storm shines at the two extremes of her price points - "Ro" and "Wind Rider."
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  1. Kate H imported's Avatar
    Priestess sends folks to the used pile, so she's actually a cheaper, less effective Wind Rider. I like her situationally over WR because too many 5s spoil the rush. I actually like her better for a mixed constructed/draft team since you know she'll be cheap.
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    I may have misread it- I was quite tired on this one. I'll have a look after work! Thank you for the catch!
  3. Lazy Boy Reviews imported's Avatar
    Goddess of the plains, is my go to storm. Similar to If looks could k ill cyclops in that she gets rid of blockers but not as efficiently as Cyc
  4. Wes C imported's Avatar
    I'm relatively new to this game and have yet to get the AvX starter. I have the X-men one. But I was reading this and I have a question about the Wind Rider card:

    When the dice is re-rolled, do YOU reroll it or your opponent rerolls it? In case they cheat :P

    Also I'm guessing the answer is no, but can you roll one opposing character die, if it lands on character again, can you reroll the same die?

    I think this is a very good card, especially for a sidekick heavy opponent. That's 5/6 of a chance to do 2 direct damage to the opponent!