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This is the FAQ, where I will answer any of those Qs that I'm FA'd.

Why call it "The Reserve Pool"?

The Reserve Pool, other than being a catchy name, is where your dice go when all of your rolls are said and done. It represents possibility and options because this is where you make all of the non-attacking decisions. We want to help show people the possibilities and options that this game presents!

And also, I just made up that last part. Really, it's just a catchy name. But the rest sounds good, right?

When does your podcast release?

Our podcast will now release on Thursdays.

What's this TFC that you're talking about?

TFC stands for Total Fielding Cost. It is a metric that I created for evaluating the fielding cost of a non-sidekick die. Thus far, it is on a scale of one to six. It's quite simple - it's found by adding up the fielding cost of each character level on a die. For example, Captain America has a TFC of 5 by virtue of level one costing one, and levels two and three costing two each.

What use does it have? It provides a glimpse of two things:

First, it gives you an idea of what it will take to field a character in the long haul. A character with a TFC of 6 will cost more long haul than a character with a TFC of 5.

Second, you need to use it to judge the utility of the character and how much "bang for your buck" you're going to get after you've purchased the die. If a character has the highest possible fielding cost, does he have the stats and abilities to match? A character like Ghost Rider "Johnny Blaze" with a TFC of 6 certainly doesn't; he's just a 5/5 and carries no abilities. On the other hand, Hulk "Green Goliath", also a 6, just might be worth hit - he's 8/8 and carries an ability that offers a lot of utility.

Further, this can help you identify bargains and/or which iteration of a character is the "best," for an ability may be useful but not worth the energy cost to field the character.

This isn't a flawless stat, but let me make a sports comparison. A baseball player with a .333 on base percentage (a highly touted baseball metric) doesn't tell me that a guy who goes to bat three times in a game will actually reach base one of those times. But it gives me an idea of what to expect in the long run.

You're doing character reviews? Can you do (insert hero here) next?

While I'm doing those in a somewhat arbitrary order, I am starting with the starter set since those cards are the first ones that folks are likely to see. I promise that I'll get to everyone! I hope. Before Uncanny X-Men is released...

Are you related to that forum at

No, we're just good friends. I do occasionally post there as RPBlogDave

So what's the deal with ads?

We don't have just anything up - anything you see is game-related and resulted from some kind of one-to-one contact. No AdSense on this blog. The truth is, we have hosting costs and contest costs and all that jazz, so if we can enter a mutually beneficial relationship with, say, someone who is running a kickstarter, then that's OK with us. We don't take just anyone though! We'd prefer to limit this and therefore will be adding "support the site"-related features (via PayPal) soon!

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