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<h3>Podcast Mailbag:</h3>
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  1. brett weber imported's Avatar
    Hey I love that you are doing a Pod cast!! I am very much into this game and have almost a full set. I would love to be on the show or if you need a cohost or something depending on your availablity. On a side note I build websites as a side gig Id love to help out if you need it?
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    Thank you, Brett. I'll keep it in mind as I decide what the heck I want to do for a format. It's a lot to think about. For the site, I'm happy with the ease of Blogger, but again, thank you.
  3. Mattg Unit imported's Avatar
    Just like Brett above, I would love to be on the &quot;ground floor&quot; for helping w/articles, strategy etc.I'm very deep into MTG, Kaijudo, Hearthstone and what is very similar in mechanics, the Resident Evil Deck Building game...
  4. Dave imported's Avatar
    Bertt - send me an e-mail.
  5. Dave imported's Avatar
    Matt - send me an e-mail.
  6. Dane Looman imported's Avatar
    Hey guys, didn't know if you wanted to post this or not but we are giving away a super rare. I hope we can work together to grow the game as I love your articles.;_count=1
  7. Dave imported's Avatar
    So I never noticed this until right about now... sorry! We'd love to partner up in any way.