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A New Beginning

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During the morning tomorrow, we'll begin the process of transitioning to the new website.

Everything will look very different, but will be far more community oriented than a blog can be. Please jump into discussion on our forums! Please contribute to the community wiki! You can even make your own blog (with the possibility of having your articles featured on the main page) or participate in a Dice Masters ladder both Vassal- and Video-based. And that's just the stuff that's ready for launch!

Register for the site, explore it all and be a part of it, because we all want to hang out together and make the best Dice Masters community that we can.

Thank YOU for helping us get to this point.

I'd also like to thank Ken for having the idea to get us in this direction in the first place (and then helping us MAKE it happen), Chris for his constant enthusiasm, Randy for his constant flexibility and willingness to learn and try new things, and of course Evan for his level-headed attitude and for putting up with me from the beginning!

The blog, the podcast, the videos - they all continue. They're all wrapped in shiny new packaging, supported by the community elements that I spoke of above. Let's move forward together!
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