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Breaking the UXM Draft

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I'm pretty clear on my record of loving limited formats. However, in the UXM format, we have a problem, and that problem is PXG. Decks that rely on rolling pretty much every die ever are a pretty significant part of the constructed meta, whether you're talking cross set play or UXM-only play. The same is true here.

If I'm being honest, it makes me say "Thank goodness that we're nearly done with the UXM draft format." I'm excited to dig into new card interactions.

But it's still upon us, and surely a few of the side-event rainbow drafts at Nationals will involve UXM.

And so, the following sets of characters will allow you to do the same strategy as the bomb in limited formats, going for a quick kill that can't easily be responded to:


First, every team assumes that you got the Professor X Global. Considering that you're opening a ton of packs, and that it's not usually hoarded, you'll likely get one of these for yourself, likely the common.

It also assumes that you find one of the two-cost characters for an early buy. In draft, this is:

[u][*]Ant Man - Biophysicist[*]Falcon - Samuel Wilson[*]Storm - Weather Witch[*]Psylocke - Kwannon the Assassin[/list]

You should be able to find one of these; Storm and Psylocke work well because they provide masks for globals. Ant-Man and Falcon work well because they provide an additional effective attacker. Use your discretion based upon what you draw.

Your basic actions should include Relentless, and your other can vary based upon the abilities that you've drafted. For example, if you end up heavy on bolts, you may want to include Enrage. If D&D; basic actions are available, it may be worth including Resurrection for the additional ramp provided by the global.

Then, you need a bomb. This should attack for at least 5 on levels two and three, though more is obviously better. This should cost no more than five. Some of these could depend on the presence of a specific global, like Ant Man common. This may or may not be possible and depends, as with anything, on what you get.

Your priority is on the ones that have a purchase cost of four, but the fives will do if there is no other option.

Possible bombs include (with costs in parentheses):

[u][*]X-23 - Scent of Murder (4F, TFC 5)[*]Iceman - Mister Freise (4B, TFC 3) - An ideal choice[*]Black Panther - C or UC (4F, 5F, TFC 2)[*]Cyclops - Field Leader (5B, TFC 3)[*]Captain America - C or UC (5S, 4S, TFC 4) - Not perfect, though the common gives some extra removal.[*]Juggernaut - Kuurth (5S, TFC 6) - Pricey, but a bruiser.[*]Mister Sinister - Nasty Boy (5B, TFC 5) - Adds direct damage, too.[*]Marvel Girl - UC or R (5B, 5B, TFC 6) - Merely playable. Low priority.[*]She-Hulk - C or UC (5F, 5F, TFC 6)[*]Wolverine - Antihero (5F, TFC6)[/list]

The following are ones you might consider if the Ant Man global is available:

[u][*]Magik - Any (3M, 4M, 5M, TFC 4)[*]Bishop - Any (5S, 4S, 5S, TFC 4)[*]Emma Frost - Any (5S, 4S, 5S, TFC 4)[*]Iron Man - C or R (5S, 5S, TFC 4)[/list]

This is not a small amount of cards, and the vast majority of them are commons. Of the ones that aren't, you really don't need more than one to fire a decent salvo, though two is always better, especially considering the ones that cost just four to purchase.

I'd prioritize those that cost masks last, as you want them for PXG.

Piloting the team

Your first turn is buying your two-coster and then using PXG at least once, ideally twice, on the off-turn.

Second turn is buying your bomb, then using PXG as much as possible.

Third turn is rolling all or nearly all of what is in your bag. Field your bomb, use the tricks that Relentless gives you as well as whatever else you have and swing. Ideally, save some masks for PXG and do as much as possible. You may even be able to purchase another one of your bomb or a cheap support character depending on the board. Read the table and judge accordingly. Likely, you'll be in gear for another big swing your next turn.

Draft is slower

You won't kill in turn four, and so you may want to include some controlling elements. Imprisoned as a basic action is a definite option here. Some removal would be key, and that's all going to be up to the draft. Nonetheless, you can hit hard very quickly with a team like this.

You're more susceptible to control elements in draft. This isn't as surefire as it is in constructed. But it is dangerous.
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