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Canadian Nationals live journal

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3:27 - holy crap this is early. Back to bed, I can afford the time.

4:15 - ok, a little better. I'll get up now.

4:38 - on the road. Honestly, I am wondering if I should really be doing this. I invited a couple friends to come with me and they were both smart enough to decline.

5:21 - drives like this require something to listen to while traveling. I like audio books. I've been meaning to listen to the Bourne trilogy. So far, Scott Brick's voice is making the miles just fly by.

5:23 my phone is ringing. Randy! On his way to work, Randy decided to check in with me.

5:50 - 7 hours to go. ETA 12:54.but I'm going to need fuel. For both me and the car.

8:58 - late entry... Police in Buffalo, NY don't mess around. 3 with vehicles pulled over in west bound lanes in a 4 mile stretch. Note. To. Self.

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  1. Randy's Avatar
    Reasons I love Canada:
    1. Bret "The Hitman" Hart.
    2. Robin Sparkles.
    3. Hopefully getting full AoU spoilers from 2015 Wizkids Nationals.
    4. Maple syrup.