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Playing Favorites

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One of my biggest problems with Dice Masters is that they have included some of my favorite characters.

I know, I know...why is that a problem you ask?

Well because as I'm sure you're all well aware, your favorite characters don't always have the best abilities. Sometimes their ability is good but they're too expensive to include on a team. It would be nice if I wasn't tempted to force a favorite onto my teams. It's hard to find that perfect synergy of cost vs affect, and it's rare when that exists with a favorite character.

The meta is usually defined by the cards that hit the sweet spot.

For me, I love Cyclops, Deadpool and Psylocke on the Marvel side (still waiting on Jubilee). The mutants got me reading comic books, so naturally I gravitate towards them. I've been fortunate here as they all have cards that hold some value, especially with PXG waiting in the wings. I've even used them all on the same team for casual play with varied success. Although there's just no synergy between them for use in a tourney.

Deadpool and Psylocke are good complimentary members of any team and Cyclops is the finisher. Although the UXM Cyclops: Field Leader, is less of a finisher and more of a compliment to any Bolt team.

On the Marvel side, I've been fortunate. My girlfriend's favorite character is Black Widow, so when we pulled a Tsarina, you can imagine how much she LOVES including her on every team. However, I wouldn't mention how ineffective and virtually useless Nightcrawler is to my son. He loves Nightcrawler but his ability isn't that great, so he struggled to enjoy the Marvel Dice Masters.

Enter Justice League Dice Masters!

Flash is a solid member of any team, especially if he's working with Green Arrow (seems like the creators were big fans of the Arrow and Flash crossovers on the CW)! With the ability to deal direct damage via attacking (getting knocked out helps those with retaliation), he's a viable addition to any DC only team. Surprise, son who gave up on Marvel, is into the DC game as Flash is his favorite character.

For me, Superman is my guy. However some of the best combinations don't involve him. He's a solid character but in DC only teams, ramping up to 6 and 7 costs requires some effort (and Aquaman). His fielding cost is so much that Wonder Woman now becomes necessary. So in order to make Superman worthwhile, you need two other characters on your team.

This reduces team flexibility, as now I have only 5 slots left. With Aquaman and Wonder Woman there, at this point I'm almost pigeon-holed into running a Justice League team. All because I want to use Superman.

So when building for a tournament team, I'll have to separate my love for Superman and go with what will be the best strategy to win. I'm not so sure 'big blue' is the answer as I like my teams to have diversity. Not characters that work like rungs on a ladder to climb to the top for the big bruiser.

I think I almost would've preferred a 4-drop Superman with no card text so I could at least try and get him on the field for a big hit early.

What hero (or monster) is your favorite character? Do you find that they are easy to include on your favorite teams? Or have you become frustrated that, for example, a villain such as Cheetah is more effective than Wonder Woman?

How do you deal with playing favorites?

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  1. Randy's Avatar
    The Thing. And Juggernaut.

    How do I deal with it? every time a new set comes out, I set down and see if there's anything that can make either of those characters better/more fun.
  2. SJ_Mitchell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy
    The Thing. And Juggernaut.

    How do I deal with it? every time a new set comes out, I set down and see if there's anything that can make either of those characters better/more fun.
    That's definitely going to extend the life of some characters that may go forgotten about. After a few set releases come and go, some cards may make a comeback thanks to the addition of a complimentary character.