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Hey everyone welcome to my Blog Tranzit Metro. I have decided to start writing articles around the game we all love. I do not describe myself as the best player, but I have won a tournament or 2. I plan on trying to give you the best original content I can. So we will talk about things that I think have the least content out there, to the best of my knowledge. However, I will talk about some of the big buzz as well just if to throw my 2 cents in. I hope this will give everyone something new. So without further introduction I would like to start my first series of articles.

Letís Play Hybrid Part 1.

So Wizkids has three main tournament types. Mostly everyone knows about Constructed style. There have been a lot of great videos and podcasts about Rainbow. However I have not seen a lot talking about the third type Hybrid/Sealed. This is where this series comes in. Now I am not saying I do not see any articles but I do not see what I feel is enough of them. I really like this tournament style and have honestly the most personal experience with it as this was the first style tournament I ever played in. I think it gives a great mix of control and randomness to a tournament. You can gamble or play it safe with this style in a lot of great ways. But enough about how I feel about it on to the meat and potatoes.


Hybrid is a format where you bring 2 basic action cards of your choice, and 4 character/ None basic actions, bringing three dice each character or Max dice (if less than three). Then you buy 10 packs, you then choose your last 4 characters from the cards you get out of those packs with the usual 20 dice max rule. That is Hybrid.
So now we have the basics, where do we go from there?
Well I thought we would talk about the styles of play for hybrid first. As far as my knowledge goes I have seen 2 styles of basic team building, 4 man team and Assist team. What are these? Well letís take a look at both, first the 4 man team, or as I call it, playing it safe.

4 man team is when you get a back bone team, one where the only cards you really plan on using are the ones you brought. The example above is a version of the flying sidekick 4 man team. As you can see this team is a smaller version. It lacks the Captain America and other helpful cards but at itsí core you play just what you bring. You can see your win condition, and everything synergizes with itself. It is fast and very agro. This is how you play it safe, you really donít care about the other cards. You have your whole team right here. My first hybrid team was the 4 man. This works very well. However it is kind of limited in the fact that you have a hard time integrating the other cards you get. Also there is no flexibility with this type of team. It is the one trick pony, it does one thing you planned and that is all. The next is more difficult, however I think it can be just as successful, but it is a gamble and that is the assist team.

This above us is a fun example of an assist team. The philosophy around this one is making something that helps whatever you bring. It can have a win condition but it can also bring the control, and gamble at getting a win condition out of the packs you bring. You can see that the team above has a lot of control and you could say that the hulk is the win condition but this also relies on the other cards you get. Because the main focus of this team is to clear the board first and foremost. You could play with just the four cards but, odds are you are looking for other cheap characters out of your packs, to leave the hulk back and go in with other characters to really get the kill. This is more of a gamble because it is harder to play if you miss some other cards from the packs you get. While this does not have the synergy that the 4 man does, I think if played right it has more potential to handle different teams.

Well this wraps up the first Tranzit Metro. Please feel free to comment and let me know if this is something you like, care about. Ask questions or maybe give me ideas for further articles.
Next article. Win conditions and Ramp in Hybrid.