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Sidekick: A True Underdog Story

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Clear. Draw. Roll.


3 energy and...a sidekick. You loser. You screwed my whole strategy; I needed 4 energy!

I tend to think many (if not all of us) have been in this situation before. That pesky sidekick popping up and refusing to go away, when we need energy for our initial purchase. Those 4 cost characters can really hit a sweet spot for many of us and the sidekick can botch it up pretty good.

Even if we're looking at a 3 cost, now we can't PXG (is that officially a verb yet?).

But all hope is not lost. Even on a team that ignores the sidekick completely...that little 1/1 scrapper will come in handy.

In WWII the Japanese had Kamikaze fighter pilots known for dive bombing their planes at targets. They were considered heroes. When all hope had been lost for their survival, they sacrificed themselves for (what they perceived to be) the greater good. They threw their lives on the sword for the chance at victory.

Our sidekicks gladly do the same for us.

So there you are with a Beast wall and a sidekick. Across from you sits your opponent with an equal number of characters, but they refuse to attack. There is no way in their right mind they're attacking. They know if they do, you can start reaching for dice like it's popcorn at a movie theater.

On your turn attacking with those Beasts is pointless. That's not what they're there for. Yet there sits your sidekick, waving his arm in the air like an exciteable fourth grader who knows the answer.

That little loveable loser!

That's when it occurs to you. This little guy is devoted to your cause. He'll wave your banner with honor as he crosses the battlefield. His life means nothing if it means helping your team and he's more than willing to sacrifice it for you.

So you send him across and he happily runs into battle because he knows that no matter the result. It benefits you. And all he ever wanted was to help you obtain victory.

If he gets through for 1, that's more damage than any of your Beasts would've done for they surely would've been blocked. If he gets KO'd, he'll pay dividends on your next turn with additional energy to roll.

Your opponent now has to decide between a papercut or a gift to you in the form of one additional dice to roll. And we all know how beneficial even 1 extra dice can be.

You may have built your team around ignoring those little 1/1 underdogs, but they are forever devoted to your cause. And when you send one into battle alone, you may just find value in what originally seemed like a nuisance.

So don't get mad at sidekick, no matter what you do with him...he's there to help.

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  1. Randy's Avatar
    I love this. Nice blog!
  2. SJ_Mitchell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy
    I love this. Nice blog!
    I try to trick people into learning a minute detail of the game, while telling a story.
    Thanks for reading!
  3. pk2317's Avatar
    Am I a bad person?

  4. BigHungryBill's Avatar
    There is much to be said about the sidekick!
  5. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    Great Blog! Now I get to say it.
  6. BigHungryBill's Avatar
    I love the two pics - I don't think you are a bad person at all!!
  7. Necromanticer's Avatar
    I think a lot of people underestimate the power of simply fielding sidekicks. It keeps them out of your bag semi-permanently and unless you attack with them and aren't blocked, it's an investment into your future energy. The only downside is they effectively cost one energy to field since that's all you're missing out on if they roll pawn-side up. The most successful player in my local group is religiously dedicated to fielding sidekicks and I've watched it do great things for him.