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Getting Hungry

The First Edition

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This will be the first of hopefully many posts by myself about the great game of dice masters. I am extremely new to the game, just three weeks ago I had never even heard of the game. Fast forward to today, I now have a good collection from all five sets and I absolutely love the game. I have always been a fan of dice and a huge fan of Marvel and D&D. Enough about what everyone already knows, DICE MASTERS IS AWESOME, what are my blogs going to be about? Right now I have three areas that I would like to focus on for my posts.

1. Multiple Universe Decks

Essentially discussing some of the PROS to mixing multiple sets into you team. I personally believe this is a great way to mix things up. I would like to target some cards from the sets that are great matches when you are thinking of mixing sets.

2. Local Tournaments
I have taken on the task of being the Tournament Organizer at the Game shop that turned me on to Dice Masters. We held our first Tournament this past Tuesday and we had a great time. I figured some posts about what goes well and what doesn't at my local tournaments would be helpful for others.

3. Action Dice

One of the things I have noticed early on is the use of action dice is a game changer. I would like to do a full review of each Action Dice (basic and not basic). I would then like to do a pairing list of characters that work well with certain action dice.

I have a fourth area that I would like to focus on but not really sure how I am going to do it no need to go into any detail.

I hope to have posts that will shed some light on the game for people. I some cases it will be similar to other posts out there and other times it will be totally original. Thank you in advance for those who choose to read anything I post.

Yours in Dice Masters