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Indy Mon

The DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award: Michael White

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Mike Elliott & Eric Lang have created an amazing game that we all love to play. For many if not most of us, however, the best part of the game is the people we get to play with. For whatever reason, Dice Masters has brought together a diverse, phenomenal group of people who maintain a strong sense of fun and collegiality even while competing at top levels. Anyone who has watched the videos of the U.S. National Championships ( can attest to this.

In an effort to celebrate and help maintain this spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendliness, the two leading Dice Masters websitesóDice Anon and The Reserve Poolóhave partnered to award a Dice Masters player the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award on a monthly basis. This award will be given to someone who has gone above and beyond to make the Dice Masters community a welcoming one, to nurture the growth of the game, and to exemplify the type of player that we all want to be and play with. Winners, and the person who nominated them, will each receive two Limited Edition Organized Play Cards.

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Michael with his wife, Shelby, who puts up with his Dice Masters habit

The first DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award goes to Michael White of Olympia, Washington. I know Michael quite wellóhe has been my partner-in-crime in developing and supporting the growing Dice Masters community at our friendly local gaming store, Gabiís Olympic Cards and Comics. We had never met before playing Dice Masters together at Gabiís, but I am fortunate to now consider him a good friend.

Michael originally learned about Dice Masters from The Dice Towerís review of the Uncanny X-Men set. He was hooked as soon as he tried it, so he started by introducing his close friends to the game. To help sell his friends on the game, he got two copies of the set so they could fully experience the game before jumping in with both feet themselves. It worked, and he got several of his friends hooked.

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Michael and others at the first open play event at Gabiís

There was no organized Dice Masters group at our local store as of the beginning of 2015. But when Gabiís Olympic Cards and Comics had their first open, casual play event, Michael was quick to participate. From that first casual event in early January, Michael was instrumental in building our local scene to ultimately include more than 30 unique players who participated in our OP event league by the end of March. Michael not only convinced his personal friends to get into the gameóhe also convinced his boss and his bossís sons to play (all of whom are also great people and top notch players).

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We had 18 people at our D&D Dice Masters Release Draft, largely due to Michael

Since then, Michael has been a tireless supporter of the game and, more importantly, the people in our group. For example:

  • Michael volunteered to be the judge/tournament organizer for three events that I could not attend due to the birth of my daughter, including the final league event, which resulted in Michael finishing in second, rather than first, place in the league.

  • When official play mats were sold out locally, he worked with a local manufacturing company to develop a cheap, prototype of a metallic mat that allowed for custom printing of images on a thing and light mat that was easy to transport. He has designed custom mats since then, and sells them for cost, keeping no profit for himself.

  • He spent International Tabletop Day demoing Dice Masters at our store, which resulted in several new players picking up the game.

  • He has published an article at Sidekicks and Shields on a more casual game play variant for the game.

  • He gives away extra dice and cards to new players, and had endless patience to help new players learn the game.

In short, Michael has been the quintessential advocate for the game, and we are all fortunate to have him as a player.

If you know of someone who you believe should receive the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award for June, please send me a detailed nomination at or via a PM to me at Indy Mon through The Reserve Poolís forums. Photos and the level of detail I included in this first article are appreciated and are more likely to be selected for the award.
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  1. Kevin's Avatar
    This is an incredible award given by DA and TRP. Good stuff!

    Congrats to Michael!
  2. Ken's Avatar
    Yes, congrats Michael! I hope we meet some day.

    (And thanks also goes to @Indy Mon , who is making these fellowship awards happen!)
  3. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Nice job Michael!