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Slinging Dice with my son

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We are a gaming family. My wife and I have played board and card games for years. I play D&D with my oldest son who is 15. My younger son is 11. He is too young and too full of energy to play long sessions of D&D, but he has felt a little left out every time that his brother and I drive off to go play D&D at a game store or a friend's house.

Recently we got into Dice Masters, and this has been our game. His brother may eventually find his way to it, but for now, this is our "thing" We open packs together, admire the artwork together, & go to Wikipedia and research the lesser known super heroes. He loves the collecting aspect and is thrilled when we pull a rare and just about explodes whenever we get lucky enough to snag a super rare. We just have the SR Mind Flayer and Tarrasque from the D&D set, but they frequently find their way onto his team because of how special they are to him because of their rarity.

When we were both learning to play, he found the UXM Angel card that buffs his Sidekicks, and he ran me over with them - clearing my board in one turn, then punching me in the face with them the next turn since I didn't Have enough blockers out. We played in a few local tournaments together. He has won 1 WES legal tournament game using the Overcrush of the Purple Worm. That plus all of his losses gave him enough points to place him in the top 200 of US players. And he couldn't be more thrilled. He has a great attitude when he loses, citing the lessons that he is learning for the next time he plays. His strategies are refining. He is starting to understand how to use PXG. He still attacks too soon. He finds interesting cards that he likes to experiment with, just for the fun of it.

Tonight, my older son and wife had plans, so it was just he and I alone in the house and he said, "Dad, so you want to play some Dice Maters?" Music to my ears. Not just because it is a game I love currently, but because he came to me and asked me to play. I am usually the one who initiates it with him. He set the rules. We have opened a few YuGiOh packs, but don't have the starter set, and we aren't as familiar with it, so he decided to force the issue. "Half YuGiOh, half anything else," he said.

He picked first. We only had 1 or 2 dice for each of the few YuGiOh cards we had. I introduced him to the BEWD global, but neither of us ended up using it. I thought I was clever by pairing a couple of YuGiOh dragons with a half-draon and a green dragon until I used 2 Green Dragons' Dragon Breath against his wall of defenders, knocking out his sidekicks and healing him 4 points as I nailed his Ironman Industrialist card. Oops. New strategy - buy Dimension Door dice and get a few unblockable monsters through. He kept attacking with his Ironman, so I would eat the damage and send him to used so that I could have a round or two of Dragon Breath options without healing him. I ended up winning 2-0. It was a nail biter.

Afterwards, as he was getting ready for bed, he announced that tonight was the most fun he had had playing Dice Masters.

What excites me is that, this is just the beginning.

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  1. Randy's Avatar
    I love this. My son is almost 3. Way too young to play DM. But he will bring me my binder of cards to look at Daddy's "heroes". "Look at your heroes" he tells me. Even my Yu-Gi-Oh and D&D cards are considered "heroes". Kids make games better.
  2. KingMatticus's Avatar
    This is so awesome! I am not too old to remember when my dad and I got into playing Pokemon! The times we spent opening packs, making decks, looking at the cards, and trading were some of the best memories I have growing up. Now I have a two year old daughter and she loves her super heroes. Her favorite coat is her super girl, batgirl and wonder woman one. I can't wait to play some games with her, and she also already knows about daddy's games and always wants to sit with me while I look through my cards and dice! Thanks for sharing your awesome life and parenting moments!
  3. RJRETRO's Avatar
    I would never have gone all-in on DM without my girlfriend being willing to play with me. She got really into the game (MTG too) and really just made everything better.

    I hope my eventual kids will play with me!
  4. jevansfp's Avatar
    One of the things I love about this game is its near infinite replayabilty without ever having to play the same game twice. I have some friends in the Glass City Dice group with whom I play a high level constructed game, both casually and at local tournaments. But I can sit down with my son and set some parameters like he did and try some stuff I've never played before and have a close and thrilling game.