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Lightning Crashes

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Since this is my first Blog post for The Reserve Pool here is a little bit about myself, so you guys donít think Iím some noob who doesnít know what heís talking about.

I played MtG for about 20 years now off and on, also MtGO which is the online equivalent. I never really did that well but I came up with some pretty creative decks; Iím all about alternate win conditions too. Iíve been to the big conventions like Origins and GenCon and played in the tournaments held there, and the small local ones too, so I would say Iíve had my fair share of experience with CCGs. I started playing Dicemasters as soon as I got the starter and have gotten a few others into playing it, including my son and 3 daughters. I am also in charge of running the events at my FLGS (Packrat Comics in Marysville, Oh) each month.

I enjoy building teams, whether I play them or not. I will be posting some of my team builds and updating them as I play-test them to see if they can be made Meta worthy or not.

My first team build I will be posting I like to call Lightning Crashes 2.0, I built this team after UXM came out and have recently upgraded it hence the 2.0

Lightning Crashes 2.0

The Characters

4 X :avx12:
At 2 , this human torch gets me quick bolt characters and decent stats, he also gets a boost to his attack and defense the first time you field a character each turn.

4 X

At 3 , Cheetah is another cheap bolt character, and when she attacks she automaticly deals 1 to your opponent.

2 X

With PXG not being a bolt and everybody and their brother playing it anyway, I went with this guy for some added ramp. If my opponent doesn't have PXG then I have RT for myself to use and if they do then I have a 4 beater to add to my field.

3 X

Another 4 character that when he attacks I can pay more bolts to deal automatic damage to my opponent, plus his global can help me thin out my bag.

2 X

With what I feel will be a big surge in the use of villans, Blue Beetle will be just as good as Johnny Storm, he will deal damage for your villans and for your opponents. 4 is not expensive so he is being included on this team for another form of direct damage.

1 X

TCFW is a good inclusion on this team, not only for his ability to double his damage, but for his global ability to turn SK dice to so you can buy more stuff even if you didn't roll the energy you needed.

And now to what I feel is the meat and potatoes of this team...

2 X

Cyclops is the perfect leader for this team. One more damage dealt by characters is a big boost on this team, wether it's automatic damage when attacking with Cheetah or Pyro, Fielding damage from Blue Beetle when villans are fielded, or fielding characters with the last guy on this list, Cyclops ups the damage for this whole team.

2 X

This team was built with this Firestorm in mind. Quick characters with Human Torch and Cheetah and the bonus for Cyclops turns 20 life into basicly 7 turns and that's if I only field 1 character a turn and don't attack.

With direct damage from fielding characters and automatic damage when attacking there is not a lot your opponent can do about this team, and this is just the character list.


Power bolt with a global to add a little more damage for those peskey characters that need it Magic missile is a great card, the ** ability want matter cause I'm not using any D&D characters in this build.

Fireball deals a lot of damage and you can pay multiple times to increase the damage to a target character, plus Fireball was one of my favorite Mtg cards so I can pay homage to my CCG background with a useable card.

Thanks for reading my blog, and as I said I hope to continue adding more builds and updating the ones I put on here as I play-test them.

Till next time, let your creative juices flow.
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  1. KingMatticus's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this. I have about half of these cards, some came from the AvX set and that is the one I don't have any wards from (and YuGiOh) but I still think I could find some good Bolts to compensate. I think this is a pretty neat way to ping your opponent down and still have some hard hitters. It's not just one or the other! Cyclops, Firestorm, Ice Man and even Red Tornado have decent A/D on lvl 3! Thanks again!
  2. The Darklord's Avatar
    I used the Scarlet Witch when I built it for UXM and also had Mister Sinister-Nasty Boy with one of the cards that has the global to give the villain affiliation for the extra damage factor, those might help you out.
  3. RJRETRO's Avatar
    You need more shields. And masks. And fists!

    Interesting idea. I want to see it in action!
  4. The Darklord's Avatar
    I thought long and hard about that @RJRETRO , but if I have any energy that can't be used with my opponents globals or if I need more bolts then I roll, I just use TCFW global and turn the SK dice to bolts. I hope to play-test this build soon. Once I get my net back maybe I could show you first hand how this is gonna work
  5. RJRETRO's Avatar
    Sounds good! I'm just concerned about what happens that first turn if you don't get any bolts.
  6. The Darklord's Avatar
    Hopefully that doesn't happen to often, after play-testing I'll know a little bit better and may have to deviate from the plan a little bit.