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Vapedavebís Top Yugioh Cards Part 1.

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Hey everyone Welcome back to Tranzit Metro. I have decided to write an article off topic of my Hybrid Tournament Articles. Instead I want to talk about some cards.

Specifically, I wanted to write an article about cards not to miss out of the older sets, Namely Yugioh. Those of you who really follow the Meta are going to know all of this. So, this article is for the new players. It also gives me a moment to say how much I really liked the Yugioh set. I did not know it until I started to collect packs for the few cards, I feel are still must haves.

So Yugioh, I have heard a lot of slack at wizkids about this set. I know people do not like the art, and ask why isn’t the art like the card game? Which had better art. I know other people really hated the anime. But I have to say I think the set is true to that anime, and the art is almost nostalgic. The only critic I would say is, it would have been nice to include some of the main characters of the anime in the set. That would have been cool. But there are some cards in this set that are just amazing, and will be mainstay in competitive play for a while. Without wasting any time let’s look at the Number #1 card to get into your collection.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Monstrous Dragon.

What can we say this is a major, major card. The global allows for so many dirty tricks. This is the cards for energy fixing. It allows you to control your bag. No PXG, no problem, keep the sidekicks out till you need them. Then knock them out and get two for one energy, the sidekick goes to prep, so you have it next turn. But, it doesn’t end there. Use this card to get multiple uses out of your when fielded abilities.


These are just two examples of characters that you can cycle threw quickly and get more bang for your buck, and now with the inclusion of DC we also see the usefulness with KO’ing your own characters with the abilities of cards like these,


Get those retaliations chaining over and over and get energy to buy more of what you want. I feel the more and more sets come out the more versatility you get from this one card. Which is why above all else I say Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon is a must for every collection.
Now on to my #2 of the Yugioh Collection.

Jinzo Trap Destroyer.

Ok this one is kind of self-explanatory. This guy shuts down globals and action dice, more importantly he does it multiple time in a row. It is also important to know that he does not trigger Hulks. Because you are paying the life. I think the card has a cool name, and the picture is awesome, he looks like an evil freak and that is awesome. For this reason he is my number 2. However, after watching nationals I need to put in this little disclaimer, he is not an end condition. DO NOT expect him to win the game for you. All he does is help in controlling the board. Your opponent can kill you, it will just take more work. He doesn’t stop anything he just adds life to the cost. He is a finesse card, treat him as such.
So let’s get to my #3. This is not because it is the strongest, but because I think it does not get the love it deserves. My little Trixie nurse on a Needle.
Injection Fairy Lily: Forced Injection

OK so this is a must for the aggro players out there. The low cost and the ability to become a monster is just invaluable. She also is great with these guys

Because you take damage instead of paying life a couple of these girls on the field can clear the board as they come in with the hurt. Use her and Johnny storm and you will not have to bring Magic Missle or Slifer for your opponent to use. Cheap cost, high damage potential and she works in harmony with one the staples of the Meta. What more do you want. Her die is also really cute and sends love with the hurt making Injection Fairy Lily: Forced Injection my number 3. Now into number 4, If you like the anime this is no suprise. Our Number 4 is.

Millennium Puzzle: Eternal Dungeon

This is my favorite non basic action die in the game. Why? because you set it up early and you just wait for the problem and this card removes it. Got a hulk you don’t want to clear your field. Puzzle. You see a Jinzo on the team. Puzzle. While I have not used this card as much as I should. I have had it used against me enough to respect the power of such a card. Plus with Red Dragon, Elf Wizard, Thousand dragon its cost is lower than printed. Here is the shutdown you need against other control teams. It is an iconic piece of the Yugioh universe, and the die is sweat too. That is my Number 4, Millennium Puzzle. Now if you have watched the nationals final, or know the Nationals winner then number 5 comes as no shock… Please welcome….

Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter

Ok so this is the global that stops distraction. However that is just the tip of the iceberg, more and more defensive abilities are coming and I had the pleasant surprise of shutting down someone’s transfer power defense with this ability. As sets come out with new ways to stop your attack this global will be there to say NO! However remember this is a global so you give the same abilities to your opponent. Also this is just an uncommon. That is why it is my number 5 Yugioh must have.
Well I did not realize this was going to be such a long article. So I am cutting it here.

But I have more to say so until Part 2.

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  1. fun4willis's Avatar
    It appears that the Yu-Gi-Oh Gravity feed I purchased was not in vein.

    I had not previously discovered the Injection Fairy Lily: Forced Injection. It seems to me an aditional advantage regarding the card ability is the use of the word "may." In times where it would be disadvantageous for you to take two damage, you are not forced to while attacking. A couple questions regarding the way the damage is dealt:

    1) Is two damage dealt to one character? Or would it have to be dealt across, for example, two sidekicks?
    2) If the two damage was dealt to a Hulk (JG or GG), does the card ability activate once or twice? (Guessing once.)

    With respect to Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Monstrous Dragon, I see these notable benefits:

    a) This character is a Dragon. Therefore any Yu-Gi-Oh! or D&D abilities that affect Dragons are applicable. Of note:

    Any Half-Dragon:

    Or Lord of D:

    b) Die has good stats (attack and defense). Unlike some other cards which are only used for their global, it is entirely feasible that a player would choose to incorporate two or three dice for this character on their team.

    c) Blue Eyes is a Bolt character. The current Meta, as seen on this very website, is the popularity of Bolt teams. This Monster (character) could very easily fit into one of these types of teams.

    Thanks for your insight @Vapedaveb . Look forward to part two,
    Updated 05-24-2015 at 03:50 PM by fun4willis
  2. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    The two damage is actually dealt to you from Lilly, but when you take that damage it triggers the hulks, it is Jade each Lilly would allow you to remove a character. If it is two Lillies then two characters. I hope that answers you question.
  3. fun4willis's Avatar
    Oh, I see. It does take life from the player. In that case the use of the word "may" is that much more important.

  4. BigHungryBill's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vapedaveb
    The two damage is actually dealt to you from Lilly, but when you take that damage it triggers the hulks, it is Jade each Lilly would allow you to remove a character. If it is two Lillies then two characters. I hope that answers you question.
    I think it deals "damage" to the character.....not "life" from the player.....I may be wrong here.
  5. BigHungryBill's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BigHungryBill
    I think it deals "damage" to the character.....not "life" from the player.....I may be wrong here.

    Sorry, read it too quickly - does deal damage to the player!
  6. RJRETRO's Avatar
    Injection Fairy Lily is excellent. I consider myself a real fanboy for that card.