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Vapedavebís Top Yugioh Cards Part 2

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Tranzit Metro. I was glad that I had some people show positive response to my top 10 list. So I am back to complete it and add in my 2 runner up cards. So without further chatting letsí get back to the list. Coming in at number 6 a little guy.

#6 Morphing jar: Canopic Jar

Ok so what makes this guy my number 6 is easy. One mask character with 1,4,3 on level 3. Plus he feeds masks, why would you not want this guy. Need to feed PXG, or Psylocke, or maybe quick hit and run, bring this guy out and send him off to attack every turn. This is just a great guy for lots of different teams. He is the cheapest Mask character in the whole game. Oh did I mention this guy is a common. COMMON! Alright now moving to one of my favorites, in the anime at least. My number 7.

#7 Slifer the Sky Dragon: Lightning Blast

OK, I know some of you are saying ďVapedaveb, this card isnít so great now that we have magic missileís global which is the same thing!Ē You know you are right, it is not as powerful with the inclusion of D&D. However, he allows you to work with more Basic action choices. Now you do not have to take Magic Missile if you have this guy. Also this list also mentions things like true to the Anime, and this card and itís die are really pretty. But with a bolts team maybe you want to use enraged and polymorph, and so this guy fits the bill for flexibility. It may not be the powerhouse global of old days but it is still a useful cool card and that is why it is my number 7. Now to another underdog since D&D, but trust me he has his uses. My number 8.

#8 Thousand Dragon: Noxious Nostril Gust

Ok so this guy is again all about the global. This is some power right here. Now I know some of you at this very moment are looking at Red Dragon and saying how much better it is, because it does damage to your opponent as well. I say, Yes, but it is only one time a turn! This can be done as much as you want with bolts. So some of your favorite actions can be bought
cheaper and in multiples such asÖ

While with Red Dragon you can buy one cheap in a turn, you could with Thousand Dragon theoretically get the Puzzle out for 2 Bolts and a shield. Use Mr. 2 Cool for words and you could buy two powerbolts/ magic missile in a turn. As other cool expensive basic actions and just actions in and of themselves show up Thousand Dragon will be able to get them out. That is why he is my Number 8. My last two on the list will be no surprise because together they create the nastiest combo in the whole of the Meta. First the man you never want in your wayÖ.

#9 Lord of D: Dragon Protector

Ok so letís look at him by himself. There is no distracting him, there is no relentless character that he will not stop. You cannot assassinate him with Psylocke. He is cheap for such power. He makes the unmovable blocker. He has decent stats, and at an uncommon how could you not want a guy like this in your arsenal. His draw back for me is he is a defense character, this is his limit. Not really an end condition in and of himself he is on the lower end of the list as he is great to stop your opponent from killing you but doesnít help as much in killing your opponent. But put him with my number 10 and you have the most broken combo in the game. So you guessed it number 10 isÖ.

10. Ring of Magnetism: Action Attraction.

Ok so letís talk about the Combo.

Put these two together and you shut down your opponents ability to use any abilities and globals. This means no Puzzle, no Magic Missile, no Jade Giant, (Green Goliath is still good as there is no set targeting), Johnny Storm, Wind Rider. I mean this combo shuts almost everything down. It can be very hard to get off, and while you work to make this happen your opponent can overrun you. But get this off quickly and you can really stop your opponent. I think personally you did not see it in the National Top 8 because it was too slow. However with the use of Constantine it may become more valid for tier 1. But because it is hard to get off this combo and the cards involved are lower on my list.

However!! There are a lot more uses for the Ring than just this combo. Put this ring on one of your opponentís characters and watch as they have to change game plan. Put it on one of your characters that is a throw away so your other characters can be free of targeting. Imagine having it on a morphing jar when your opponent wants to Puzzle away your Jinzo or Hulk. It has lots of possibilitiesÖ that is why it made it into my top 10. However I have two more I wanna mention. These are my runners up.

Runners up

Sangan: Zealous Supporter

Ok, this guy is just cool looking, has a cool die and his ability has some possibilities. Use him with Blue Eyes on your opponents turn and take that FWT that just hit your opponent, and place it in prep. I like this card for itsí look and itsí ability while not maybe tier 1 it is worth playing with. So it made my runner up. My final mention is one fun and cool guy.
Red-Eyes Black Dragon: Plated Body

Ok guys this is just one of my favorite characters from the anime. He is just fun and cool looking. I wish the card was a better picture, but the dice is really nice. Also I think that with the growth of the bolt team this card has some possibilities. Imagine Firestorms for 3, Cheetah for 1 and Johnny Storm for 2. Again I think not tier 1 but maybe a lot of fun, this makes Red-Eyes Black Dragon my final runner up.

Well everyone that is the list. I hope you guys get something from it. Let me know if you think I missed something. I think that the Yugioh set had a lot of cool stuff and truly is not a set to miss out on.

Until Next Time

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  1. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Personally, I have a lot of respect for
    He has incredible stats for his purchase/fielding cost and he helps you ramp a lot in the early game. He also lends himself to a powerful offensive strategy because of his ability to help you rebuild your field after a swing.

    I'm also a big fan of
    He has really competitive stats (I just love low TFC's) and can dish out a ton of damage. Not only that, but he works incredible well with overcrush which is hands down my favorite mechanic at this point. Best yet, he works in bolt teams as a heavier beatstick version of Hawkman for when you really want to close out a game.
  2. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    @Necromanticer , Thank You for the add on. I think this is a great set and yes way more can be done with it. And since you of all people replied. Can I hope to get some of your great card reviews for this set? Hmmm Please!
  3. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vapedaveb
    @Necromanticer , Thank You for the add on. I think this is a great set and yes way more can be done with it. And since you of all people replied. Can I hope to get some of your great card reviews for this set? Hmmm Please!
    I'm glad to hear someone else appreciated Yu-Gi-Oh as much as I did. I came in at the release of D&D: Battle for Faerun, so I'm always a bit surprised at how comic centered the community is. As for a review of a Yu-Gi-Oh character, that's definitely in the cards, so to speak. Let's wait and see what next week holds for us
  4. RJRETRO's Avatar
    Morphing Jar is one of my favourites too. Never really looked at Gaia before though. Not too shabby.