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Vapedaveb's Top Dungeon and Dragons Cards Part 1

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Hey everyone welcome back to another Tranzit Metro. Since I think there was some good response to my top 10 Yugioh cards I decided why not do more Top 10ís. When I originally wanted to do the Yugioh list I was also planning on doing this list and So here it is My top Dungeon and Dragons cards. First off let me say that this is my second favorite set. I have been playing Dungeon and Dragons for 25 years. I think Advanced Second Edition is the only addition to play with. I have owned a 100 sided die and have DMíd 100ís of games. I feel this set gives the D&D world a fair shake. I also think this is my favorite set for rainbow draft. The card and art are the best and the dice are SO NICE. Above any other set this one gets my nerd friends to play Dice Masters. Now keep in mind that this is not all about Meta, but Meta plays a big part. Also the difference between my number #1 pick and my #2 pick are very very close. Also please feel free to tell me I am wrong, but my Number one card for Dungeon and Dragons is

Kobold : Greater Humanoid

Ok, hear me out. I love the swarm mechanic. I think it is just really cool and really helps your ramp. Anyone who has been to a mixed tournament with me has heard me Gush over this card. Plus if you are my age you know that Kobolds where the first thing your Human Fighter took out with his rusty sword of his first ever die role playing D&D. This is one of the most classic Noob monsters in the world. If you shot your magic missile into the darkness then you probably hit a Kobold. But letsí get back to Dice Masters. Swarm with PXG is what I call super ramp. You get more energy, more dice and you can bring out big hitters really fast. It was nice to be the only person rolling 7 dice at a rainbow draft. At 1 fist cost he can easily be two first turn buys. Once in your bag after the first he is just an energy source destine to repeatedly get drawn from the bag. He is also distraction away from other important members of your team as some players will work to kill your Kobold. Which is fine because again it is just energy. He is a finesse card, but learn to use him and misuse him and I think you will see some serious changes in what you can do in effective Tier 1 meta. So itís the kobold in my #1 slot. My number 2 is what everyone was expecting to be my number 1. Number 2 isÖ..

#2 Polymorph

Ok what can we say, this is the most important basic action to come into the meta since Relentless. It was in so many teams for Nationals. I predict it will be in even more teams at Origins. This card lets you control your buying cycle. You can get Hulk, Wolverine, Jinzo whatever turn three. It also negates Constantine, and Joker. You can also play it defensively Polymorphing (is there such a verb?) your opponents beatsick for a Winnie. One time someone changed my Hulk into a Zombie, and I was impressed. It also comes with a great global. Change that Level 3 Hulk to a level two where he is more effective and level up that Martian Manhunter to level 3 in the process. I am only scratching the surface of what this action can do. Far better players than me are abusing it every day. Why donít you. But donít think Polymorph is the only Basic Action on this list. Beware The Darkness for you are up againstÖ

#3 Magic Missile

Hehehehe I shoot it at the darkness! Ok other than it is Magic Missle the most iconic spell in Dungeon and Dragons it comes with the every important global. It is great for the Magic Machine Gun, where you are attempting to win via direct damage, but that global well if you have seen nationals you know it pairs with

It just makes these characters deadly. It also removes chump blockers. It is just a very very versatile offensive basic action. So there it is. Now to number #4, this guy is a beast! (Literally)

#4 Umber Hulk: Paragon Beast

I love this guy. He is a must in any rainbow draft. But in regular play he is also everything you want in a beatstick and more. His dice sides are sweet. He removes chump blockers. Field him and then send him to kill all who remain. I have a fun habit of magic missiling (again is that a verb, huh) him to death after he is blocked so I can make my opponent reroll his 1 and 2 level characters again. You know he is going to get blocked because to not block him means at least 25% of your life goes. Plus he has one of the best looking dice in the game. He has a cool picture and well he is a hulk after all. Number 5 should be no surprise, some of you I am sure would have rated it higher but for me this is itís spot. What can we say D&D knows itís actions.

#5 Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell

With the most recent rulings this is your answer for Constantine. It negates Constantine, what more do you want!!! Well actually this action does it all, shuts down your opponent for one turn. This can ruin their ability to stop you in every way. If they had any Trixie control plans they are gone for that moment. This can be a very clutch card able to come in and help you complete the win. But it is also a fickle card, because as Shawn, saw at Nationals (for those of you watching he couldnít get the spell off during a game two times in a row and it really hurt him) this is no guarantee of safety. I have not played it well, and I am still learning this card and all of the inís and outís of timing on this card. That may be why it is on my list where it is.

Well that is the first 5. Hope you enjoyed this, comment down below. I am guessing some of you will disagree with my #1 and #2 pick and I am looking forward to hearing your feelings.

5-10 Tomorrow.

But for Today
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