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DC Spoilers Cuatro: Basic Actions

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Part 1 | Part Two | Part III

It's time for more DC discussion! We're finishing up with the basic actions

We're going to take a look at everything we have and we'll give some quick thoughts on each! There is a lot of stuff and as a means of avoiding reader fatigue (and writer fatigue, to be honest) we're going to split this into multiple parts. This is part four, and the very end.

If you missed the first three parts, you missed a lot - links to those are above. While we haven't seen everything, we've seen a lot!

By the way - there are a lot of images and a lot of text. We did our best to compartmentalize things as much as possible. Everything is as well aligned as it can be. Enjoy!


Hey, it's a two-cost basic action!

This one specifically targets sidekicks - not a bad play when some strong aggro teams are trying to field sidekicks these days.

The global ability is fine on it's own, but it is definitely enhanced by this card.

Save Civilians

This one gives you a lot for just fielding a sidekick in the same turn in which you roll this:

1) Reduce the fielding cost of another die by 1.
2) Draw a dice from your bag and place it in prep.

So you save an energy from fielding, and you save an energy paying for a global that would prep a die. Of course, you had to pay three to get this one, but this could pull ahead after a few uses.

Anger Issues

And it's a bunch of Red Lanterns! The global is an old favorite, charged by fists this time.

The ability itself is powerful, but you have to get it at the right time in order for it to work. We'll have to see how this one performs compared to something like Thrown Car.

Fist of Fury

This is a less good Power Bolt, unless your opponent has a villain. Not a lot else to say about it.

Phantom Zone

A very thematic use of the Phantom Zone. This card acts a bit like the UXM basic action "Imprisoned" but can impact any character die regardless of cost - in trade, it can only impact a single die versus multiple.

Another benefit - when the die is returned, it goes into prep instead of returning to the field.

Pick Your Battles

On the right team, this could be very useful. Against the right team this could be useful. It all depends on the energy types that are present. The most obvious use for me is that it prevents opposing sidekicks from being used as chump blockers.

Righteous Charge

At first, I was pretty skeptical, but I like it a little more. If your opponent has wall of big characters, this could give you the cover to knock them out and establish a stronger board position. The bigger characters tend to have high fielding costs, so even if your opponent rolls a bunch of character faces, they'll be limited on how they can spend their energy.


This is pretty interesting, especially in concert with dice that allow for spin-down. The global allows your own dice to remain unaffected, though of course your opponent could do the same. This could be a fun one to play around with, but it's a die that I'd only use once I establish my board.

Or, combine it with the global from Casualties! Get rid of some opposing sidekicks, gain life, and establish a stronger position. This combo could turn around a losing effort.

Villainous Pact

A strong choice for a villain team that will do some damage, especially against the good guys.

The global will certainly see play within the set and otherwise, giving you the chance to do something like the Silver Surfer global without having to pay the life.


Since you can save action dice for the attack phase before damage is dealt, then you can use this knowing that something will be damaged, and your opponent will know it too and have to play around it unless they're OK with a KO.

And, of course, you get to prep a die.

* * *

So that's what we know about DC! Excited? You bet I am!

As long as we get a better Booster Gold.
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  1. Okami31 imported's Avatar
    Very exciting cards.

    I'm ready!!!
  2. Tim Scott imported's Avatar
    do we know the date that dc is scheduled to come out?