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So, I woke up yesterday morning pretty sure I knew what team I was taking to UK Nationals (bar one or two flex slots).

And then everything changed!

This is the story of what happened, and what it means for me, and my UK Nationals team...

Early on in my testing I had tried a number of variants of my team that included Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell:

This card has many uses, in neutralising, and denying one's opponent's use of, a variety of cards.

Most of these cards, however, I either expected to only see in very small numbers, if at all, or I had other, less effective, but more flexible, answers to already.

But, Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell had the potential to neutralise one particular card that I thought I would see a lot of.

The game's new wonderboy, Constantine - Hellblazer:

However, during this period of testing the WizKids' Dice Masters Rules Team issued a ruling on Constantine - Hellblazer, that went like this:
Quote Originally Posted by dmrulesteam
Quote Originally Posted by kengi
Quote Originally Posted by Constantine - Hellblazer
While Constantine is active, before your opponent's Clear and Draw Step, you may name a character. If that character is fielded this turn, ignore its text until end of turn and it cannot attack this turn.
Quote Originally Posted by Green Goblin - Gobby
When fielded, Green Goblin deals 1 damage to your opponent for each Sidekick in the field (count your Sidekicks only).
In the following situation, what happens?

1) I field Constatntine - Hellblazer, naming Green Goblin - Gobby
2) Following turn, opponent rolls a Gobby, uses a Power Bolt and Vulnerability to KO my Constantine - Hellblazer
3) My opponent then fields Gobby

Is Green Goblin - Gobby's text still ignored?
Yes. “While active” only applies to the card’s first sentence—i.e., when the card is named. The remainder of the ability (“If that character is fielded this turn…”) does not require Constantine to be active. If Constantine needed to still be active, the second sentence would read, “While Constantine is active, if that character is fielded this turn…”). This is also consistent with the prior ruling concerning Deadpool – Jack. See (ruling that the character Deadpool – Jack forces to be a blocker is knocked out at the end of turn even if Deadpool has been knocked out because the “effect resides on the character, not on Deadpool”). Constantine's effect resides in the named die as Jack's resides in the blocker.

-The Dice Masters Rules Team
Which, to me, and many others, seemed to be pretty much a slam-dunk for Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell.

So I dropped it from my team, and built in other ways to deal with Constantine - Hellblazer.

The logic behind this decision went like this:

If "'While active' only applies to the card’s first sentence", and "Constantine's effect resides in the named die", then clearing Constantine's card text would have no effect.

And I am unlikely to see many of the other cards that Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell deals with.

So, I would be better off finding other ways to deal with Constantine - Hellblazer, and trust that I am correct in my assessment of how often I expect to see those other cards.


Nope, wrong.

Just yesterday, WizKids' Dice Masters Rules Team issued the following ruling on the interplay between Constantine - Hellblazer and Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell:
Quote Originally Posted by dmrulesteam
Quote Originally Posted by schtauffen
WK rules that being KO'd does not prevent effects like Constantine, Hellblazer ( and Deadpool, Jack ( from carrying on. It is clear from these rulings that the effect does no "active" check on their creator to fire, however, it does not rule one way or the other for when their character text is removed. In example:

1) Player A begins his turn, and before the draw & clear step Player B uses his Constantine, Hellblazer naming Gobby.
2) Player A draws and rolls Prismatic Spray, Lesser Spell and Green Goblin, "Gobby". He activates the Spray, wiping out Constantine's text.
3) Player A then fields Gobby. Does Gobby deal ability damage, and is he able to attack?
Gobby is able to attack and use his "When fielded" ability.

The effect resides on the player, and Constantine's owner names Gobby. When the effect tries to check what happens it isn't able to make anything happen - we're now ignoring Constantine's text.

If for some reason, Gobby was fielded, and then someone chose to use Prismatic Spray, he would not be able to attack.

-The Dice Masters Rules Team
So, now, when it comes to Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell, it seems Constantine - Hellblazer's effect doesn't 'reside' "in the named die", it "resides on the player", and Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell will stop his effect!

Now, what does this mean, and how does it affect me, and my UK Nationals team?

Well, simply put, I now have a difficult decision to make.


I stick with the team I've done a lot of testing with, but which only has a soft answer for Constantine - Hellblazer, and partial, to nonexistent, answers to the numerous other cards that Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell is a hard answer to.


I change my team up to make room for Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell, and do what little, manic, testing I can between now and Sunday, and go in to the tournament not quite as prepared as I would have hoped to be, but with what should be a stronger team.

So, which do I choose?

Frankly, right now, I don't know.

My plan is to try to do what testing I can, and then decide.

And I suspect that decision will be taken on the day, about 2 seconds before I fill out my team sheet.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Green Knight's Avatar
    Best of luck Scott! You should be our onsite correspondent and keep TRPers in the know of the on-goings of the UK Nationals.
  2. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
    I shall blog what I can, but I suspect I shall be rather occupied during the tournament itself, and exhausted afterwards.

    And, thanks.
  3. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Good luck Scott. I will be pulling for you across the waters!
  4. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
    Thanks, Isaac.
  5. BigHungryBill's Avatar
    good luck out there!
  6. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    Good Luck!!!!Show'em how it's done.
    I say If your team is solid right now, don't worry about Constantine, he is a delay tactic, that is all. He isn't as scary as people make him. I don't think the card has been around long enough for people to change there gameplay to really use it. You have to memories a players bag, you have to pay a lot of attention to get him to work right. So you have this.
  7. Chris's Avatar
    GO @Scorpion0x17 ! Represent!
  8. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
    Thanks, all.