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Green Knight

Dice Masters thoughts, history and my personal introduction to the game

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Friends, Romans and Dice Masters! Hello and welcome to my blog. I started playing dice masters when it was first released and I was scoping every Target within 50 miles to try and find any product at all.
One fateful day I wandered into a local Target and went to check there stock and lo and behold they had a full gravity feed and two starters in stock. I couldn’t contain my excitement and bought up every last bit I could, about a $100 lighter in the [pocket I walked out of the store full of glee.

I got home and tore through the booster packs and marveled (pun intended) at the awesomeness contained within the starter. Finding this was like winning the lottery and I was walking on air. My son also helped me to rip into those boosters and also got a little of the bug in him. We played casually here and there and he built his own team. I played the SR Wolverine (Canucklehead) and he fielded Tsarina and Gobby, yes I was on the wrong side of the super rare coin in the early days.

Eventfully we decided to play without the super rares to make a more diverse and interesting teams and my Mutate # 666, Silver Surfer Silverado, Gambit Ace in the Hole and Storm Wind Riders ruled the day.
Time passed, Super Rares where king. Other than my son and I there were no other players in Colorado, I had unsuccessfully tried to get my wife into the fold, she had no interest. Things got stagnant and my son rediscovered his love of Magic the Gathering and how many options you had within this game. Eventually he had no interest in playing and Dice Masters got shelved. Board games came and went. We began playing Magic together more and more. Time passed.

Good ol’ Tom Vasel kept talking about Dice Masters and how much he loved it, Uncanny X-men came and went and I didn’t even sniff a booster. Yu-Gi-Oh! Was released and I, never have been a fan, but have watched a ton of this ‘toon with my son in his younger years, was aware but had no interest what-so-ever in YGO watched it go by. Then one fateful day I learned that dice Masters was stepping to in familiar territory and thought oh how fun it would be to relive my teenage years and harken back to Dungeons and Dragons, I loved this game and enjoyed Dice Masters so I bought a gravity feed and a starter deck. The place I bought this from ( also gave me a free Minsc and Boo promo, awesome I thought! My son and I tore into this new set with glee and built a few decks to play against each other. Life got busy as it is wont to do and time passed, we were finally on the budge of playing a match with our new found teams, distraction happened, life went on. One fateful day we were able to make the time and finally play a game and it was glorious, breath weapon (misplayed) ruled the day. Time passed.

I head rumblings of a new DC set of Dice Masters featuring Wonder Woman of all people, hmm… what’s this? My wives favorite all time comic book hero? I propositioned her that if I were to build her a Dice Masters team featuring Diana Prince would she be willing to learn and play with me. Yes I would or some such positive answer was her reply. I promptly preordered a gravity feed, starter and collectors box to get the sweet full art Wonder Woman. My order shipped and I was notified that the site had over sold the Collects Box and I would not be getting Wonder Woman in all her glory. Not dissuaded I researched and found another site with stock! Eureka! I promptly ordered two and an Uncanny for good measure.

Upon receiving and opening all of this product I went on to purchase another gravity feed and suckered… err persuaded my family to start playing with me again. We have had fun and I enjoy this game quite a bit.
Having listened to and enjoyed the Reserve Pool way back in May 2014, before my interest in dice masters waned, I found that they were still doing the pod-cast, and had a new website. I promptly registered and subscribed, began participating and chatting with members, discovered a local scene had developed and befriended @Vapedaveb we meet up and played my first Rainbow draft, which I learned a lot from and also went 0-3. There was a local mixed/unlimited tournament the next weekend, I convinced my son to play as he had the day off from work. We stayed up late and built decks, I was all too excited and woke up before the entire house and started to goldfish my build, I made changes and kept at it until my wife also awoke hours later, we had coffee and relaxed throughout the day until the time came to travel to the tournament. My son is learning to drive and he drove us to Denver to play, we found the Wizard’s Chest and there complete lack of parking. I also learned my son cannot parallel park! Eventually we found a spot in a residential area about a mile away and trekked it in. The store waited for us to arrive to start as we were late after the parking fiasco . We both had a blast and even though there were only seven players in attendance fate smiled upon us and we were not matched up against one another. We both went 2-1 this fateful day and walked away with OP cards in hand.
The local scene is continuing to grow and multiple stores near us are threatening to start running OP events and hosting Dice Masters nights.

I love this game and am so glad to see it grow, I was worried that everything was wilting on the vine in the early days due to lack of product, support and players. I cannot wait to see where we go from here.
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  1. owLy's Avatar
    Great blog, GK!

    I'm so glad to hear you have such a great bond with your son, and you are both able to share a mutual passion.

    Also, props on helping grow your local scene! I'm trying to do the same in Australia, so I'm pleased to hear you are enjoying the game and finding success
  2. Green Knight's Avatar
    @owLy thank you very much. Games are such a great way to bond! The scene is growing by leaps and bounds here. Be sure to chat with all of the local shops, even if they don't run OP, if they start hosting a Dice Masters night and spread the word people will come. Best of luck!
  3. owLy's Avatar
    They definitely are! It's nice to have a passion that you can share with others and delve into in a world currently entrenched in an era of instant gratification. I'm going to my second Local Game Store on Sunday to enter my first constructed event, so hopefully I can make some new contacts their and help fuel the passion for the game.

    Cheers buddy, same to you