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Green Knight

The Colorado Dice Masters Scene

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Good Morning Dice Fanatics!

After speaking with fellow TRPers, shops, Facebook groups etc… The scene is growing in Colorado! The granddaddy (The Wizard’s Chest) runs OP events in Denver and posts when on their website.

Total Escape Games in Broomfield is starting to have a Dice Masters night every Thursday and will begin running OP events soon, they have all OP going back to inception and finally are ready to host.

There is a “new” store in Northglenn, right next to the I Want More Comics shop on 104th and Huron, the used to be Above and Beyond Games but I got the impression that they are now a new entity and I’m not sure what their name is (there is no signage). I spoke with the owner yesterday and he is looking for a distributor to start getting Dice Masters and will also begin running OP events as soon as said distributer is located.

I also know that Tradesmart hosts Dice Masters nights as well down south in Littleton.

So now we are up to three stores at a minimum who are running events with a fourth on the horizon.
Please feel free to post any other places in Colorado which may be hosting Dice Masters and let’s continue to grow the community.


  1. Chris's Avatar
    Good regional report! I love hearing about the different scenes cropping up.
  2. Green Knight's Avatar
    Thanks Chris, I'm doing everything I can to spread the word and help Dice Masters scene to grow. It was sad times around this time last year when I couldn't find any players or product, which kind of go hand in hand.
  3. kaywillow's Avatar
    If you come north, we are running tournaments semi-regularly and if not we're doing casual play Tuesday nights at 7:30pm at The Nerd Store in Greeley. I just added our next tournament to the calendar (6/16 - DC constructed). We're also going to start doing at least casual on Saturdays, since we've just added about a half dozen new players who can't make it Tuesdays. I'll update the calendar when I have details. I may seem biased, 'cause I work there, but The Nerd Store was my FLGS long before I got put to work behind the counter. So now I not only love and represent the shop, but I'm the one on staff who's hooked on and pushin' Dice Masters (though I just successfully reeled in a colleague, too!). Hope you make it up our way!