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Vapedaveb's Top Dungeon and Dragons Cards Part 2

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Vapedavebís Top 10 Dungeons and Dragons cards Part 2
Hey guys, Just as promised I am back for the second half of my D&D Top 10. Letís get started with Number 6.

6 Red Dragon :all of them

Now I know this is cheating showing all of the dragons, but really I could not decide. The Global is what really makes this card, however the special abilities of each Dragon is good, and pretty equal. This global is the Thousand Dragon with a little more punch. You can use this card really well with a Machine Gun style team. It also makes the big actions like Prismatic Spray just easier to buy. It also has a wicked piece of art on it. So coming in at 6 Red Dragon. Number 7 is the man who slays dragons (if he makes his strength roll).

7. Human Paladin: Lesser Emerald Enclave

Ok, so a passive ability like this is just perfect. I have been screwed by this more than once. This guy stops Relentless, Distraction and Magic Missile useless. While he can be stopped by Psylocke, he is still a great thing to have on your side. He also has a global to help you defend yourself from something like Nova. He will not completely save you but he will help reduce it. So he makes number 7. Number 8 may smell but he is no piece of trash.

8 Zombie: Greater Undead

Ok this guy was not always so important to me, then DC came out and as Age of Ultron is showing a 2 cost Overcrush basic action this guy is looking better and better. Her is a cheap chump blocker that can save you from overcrush. He is cheap and as we see shield energy become more powerful this card is a diamond in the rough. Do not overlook this guy, I foresee him becoming more and more important as the Meta grows. Second to last of the top ten is just for fun, but I love it so much.

#9 Halfling Thief: Apprentice Emerald Enclave

This card is so much fun, because it is there to drive your opponent crazy. You can use it to ruin his PXG ramp. You can place the dice he has been waiting for to the used pile never to have a chance to be fielded. The best is she is masks so you can always use her for energy. The art is fantastic and the die is my favorite color seafoam green. To those MTG players this is one of the most Blue characters in the game. Finally this guy, has always been a D&D treat.

#10 Gelatinous Cube: Lesser Ooze

Ok so many of you know this guy as a staple D&D foe, he is great in the game, partly because he can block lots of sidekicks, but really it is about his capture ability. This is a great way to remove a character, I like this to remove the lord of D that was blocking my Wolverine. This guy has his uses and that why he is my number 10.

Ok guys let me know if I missed something or you think something else should be mentioned. D&D for dice masters is a great set and you should at least hit up a Rainbow Draft. Because like I said in part one this is my absolute favorite Rainbow Draft set.

Till Later


Oh and if you had a question about my runners up that is simple.
#11 - Dragons!!! All of them, Because they ARE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. BigHungryBill's Avatar
  2. Chris's Avatar
    Love the Zombie pick, @Vapedaveb !
  3. Necromanticer's Avatar
    That Zombie was something I was hoping to see on this list. The ability to shut down overcrush at a whim without relying on Relentless? That's something a lot of my opponents wish they had.

    That said, I would have squeezed in these two somewhere on the list:


    The Elf Wizard just gives you so much command of your action dice. You can use her with Red Dragon to buy a 4-cost action dice for a measly 2 (or on her own for a measlier 1) and she allows you to pick them up out of your used on a whim. I find myself including her a LOT.

    As for the Beholder, he allows you to hold onto your action dice until you need them most. He also has really decent stats if you can purchase him, while his attacking ability is gamechanging, making it so that you never even have to bother purchasing, let alone rolling your action dice in order to use them. This works wonders for surprise attacks by including Polymorph/Teleport and Thrown Car/Anger Issues.
  4. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    @Necromanticer , You know you are right. I was thinking about the Elf Wizard for a while, and I think part of it was I couldn't choose which one, and the Beholder is really cool with a great Die (looks) but I have a hard time putting anything with a 7 cost, and I do not have enough experience with him. So I am glad you brought him up. I probably did not give him the fair shake he deserves. So thank you for the add on!
  5. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
    Which Lord of D are you saying you can capture with Cube?

    If it's the one that gets Ring'd, I believe that doesn't work.
  6. agentj's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion0x17
    Which Lord of D are you saying you can capture with Cube?

    If it's the one that gets Ring'd, I believe that doesn't work.

    Why would it not work?
    As I see it, When Gelatinous Cube attacks, you may assign one opposing character to block it. You can use that so Lord of D has to block your bigger character and when Lord of D is KO'd pay a shield to capture him?