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Green Knight

Colorado rocks

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I was able to go to Total Escape Games yesterday and meet the manager John and my new favorite Dice Master player James. James will be coordinating the OP events housed at this store and was instrumental in getting everything started, thank you sir!

We officially have an active community; OP events will be held every Thursday! EVERY THURSDAY, I couldn’t ask for more. With the following rotating schedule:

Week 1 – Rainbow Draft of the current set (at this point DC)
Week 2 – Unlimited/Mixed
Week 3 - Rainbow Draft of the current set (at this point DC)
Week 4 – Constructed current set.

This schedule will rotate every four weeks. So 05/28 was rainbow, 06/04 is Mixed/Unlimited, 06/11 rainbow, 06/18 limited constructed, wash rinse repeat.

I love the flow of this, it allows new players to build a collection of cards up to be viable to play in the constructed and also gives people such as myself the joy of playing Mixed/Unlimited competitively at least once a month. I just love mixing the sets and playing this format, it’s so much fun!

The timing works perfectly, as I was able to meet and great last night and play a quick game, but had to leave before the OP began.

Next week I will be able to play in the Mixed/Unlimited (is there an official name for this format?) on 06/04 and then will be traveling the following two weeks and won’t miss any Mixed/Unlimited and then back at it for more Rainbow drafting.

Yes I have visions of dice dancing in my head.


  1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    What time do they start I work downtown, Denver and this is in broomfield right?
  2. Green Knight's Avatar
    You've got it @Vapedaveb they are in Broomfield and start at 6PM