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Phantom and the Tale of the Strange Teams Part 1

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Note: This series is created with the intent to share some of my musings in terms of creating teams in Dice Masters. Most of these teams are created involving thematic(type, affiliation or ability) ideas, they will most likely not be tournament winning, scene splattering menaces that are the new hot kid in town.

Hey everyone!

This is my first blog post here on The Reserve Pool and I hope you will all enjoy it!

When looking at the more competitive teams, most of the cards that are being used usually do not include anything with life gain. There are multiple reasons for this:
- your life total can't exceed 20, so playing just to gain life isn't usually the best of strategies.
- the way you win the game is by having your opponent at 0, so investing in decreasing your opponents life instead of you gaining life will net you more.

Why would one still try to create a team based around life gain then? Because it's fun to be weird!

One of the first cards that came to my mind when thinking about a team with life gain was Mystical Elf. This blue lady from the Yu-Gi-Oh set has 2 cards which provide life gain. We're probably gonna go with the 4 cost Mystical Elf, considering the cost of some of the characters coming up later on in the team. Both cards require a bit of work before you can trigger the ability, because knocking out a 4 to 7 defense character doesn't just happen with a single global, or does it?

That same Yu-Gi-Oh set has provided us with one of the better globals in the game right now in my opinion. Knocking out a character provides you with potential ramp for the next turn and alongside that it even gives you a cost reduction of 2(!) on the next die you purchase. This means not just character dice also (basic) action dice fall under the grace of the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

So we now know that we at least want one of the two Mystical Elf's and Blue-Eyes to support them. What comes next?

The Avengers vs. X-Men set has brought us many lovely cards, from the big Green Goliath to the speedy Tsarina, there are lots of cards in this set that cannot be overlooked when creating a team and this holds true for creating a life gain team. One particular character will probably pop up for a lot of you. Beast.


This 2 cost is absolute gold for our team. He will most definitely be included, but he's not alone in the AvX set...

:avx14: :avx61: :avx96: :avx125:

The Bad Boys are back in town! Iron Man and his trusty companion War Machine have some nice interactions between them as characters. The card that I'm looking at in particular is the Uncommon version of War Machine, as it provides us with a Win Condition alongside giving us some of that juicy life. Being unblockable will definitely help us winning the game instead of just stalling things out until our opponent drops dead of boredom.

Speaking of unblockable, AvX has another little baby that will fit in this team:


Ok, ok, he does not provide life gain himself, but Angel does help us by being a cheap character that will help us getting some of the bigger characters. We haven't really made the cheapest team so far and add to that War Machine global and we do have another life gain cutie, right? But for this Angel to work, we need some Action dice, so let's look at some of the Basic Actions that might help our team.


Right now we still haven't got a way of damaging Iron Man to trigger his ability. This card practically screams: "TAKE ME!", isn't it awesome? Iron Man and War Machine back to back fighting the forces of evil, while providing us with some nice juicy life? It's settled, we'll take this one.

Magic Missile is our way to go if we can't get to War Machine. It will help us ping Iron Man and it will help us get Angel through unblocked.

:avx2: :avx99:
:avx14: :avx96: :avx27:

So we're at 6 characters and 2 basic action. What are we missing right now? Energy diversity? Kinda, it's almost all isn't it? Ramp? Yup, that's also kind of a problem.

Zatanna is a character, so we'll have some more masks if our opponent brings that nifty PXG(whom we aren't gonna use simply because it's way more fun to make this work without him!).

Next up I feel like we have a little problem, because we need those to KO some of our characters. I think Red Tornado will do the trick:

He will provide us with some of that energy if we do not roll his character face and while he is active in the field he'll provide us some rotation of our bag. Nice!

:avx2: :avx99:
:avx14: :avx96: :avx27:

Will this team win you Worlds? Probably not. Will you have fun with this team? I definitely hope so!

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any comments you are more than welcome to respond below!

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  1. SlapsterMcFlash's Avatar
    Thug Inspiration

    But seriously, I don't know if I'd have thought life gain was even comically viable until the War Machine/Iron Man final knockout.

    Also, the great thing about Beast in this meta is that Tsarina actually helps you, in that if Beast isn't already on level 1, you can get help spinning him down, so he's almost always going to be doing 2 damage back.

    The two games I've won with my version so far (only Marvel/DC) I've gotten them down with Power Bolts/Harley/Beast feedback, with my board just always growing bigger, and one final swing where I have more dice on the board than my opponent and the life is low enough that even getting 3 in should do it - especially when you've got uncommon War Machine on your side.

    At first, I was disappointed that I didn't have the rare one for character removal, but I've been faring decently even against the Hulk. Granted, I've only played against a Jade Giant, so that was just 1 character being KOd per each batch of damage dealt, and I had enough on the board and would always double block, etc..., so it just gave me more energy to roll. I ended up buying 15 of my 20 dice in my last game :P

    I'm gonna write a full on blog post about my team too, but I wanna wait until someone writes at least one more blog themselves.
  2. paradox22's Avatar
    Great read. I'd be very interested to see your marvel/DC version McFlash!