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Team Ramp BaBomb dissected and explained Part 1

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Hey everyone Welcome back to my blog Tranzit Metro. If you have read everything in the winning teams section of the Strategy section of the forums (wow that is an awkward sentence fragment) you might have come across my team Ramp BaBomb. This team has won three tournaments locally, and has a 10-0 record at tournaments. It is the first team I made that I truly feel is strong, and it fits my play style amazingly well. I received a lot of questions about the team and what is important and what isnít. So I have decided to really give you an in depth understanding of how I think when I use this team. It explains my choices and how I look at each part, and how to deal with different styles of teams.
First Letís show you the team.

Now the Dice Breakdown:
Kobold = 4
Professor X= 1
Blue-Eyes White Dragon= 1
Ice Man= 1
Constantine = 3
Jinzo = 3
Hulk = 3
Nova = 3
There is the dice distribution.

Now for how I look at the team.
I look at the team as having three different parts: Ramp, Assist, End Game. Cards fits specifically into one of these sections of the team.

First we will talk about Ramp.

The team is called Ramp BaBomb because as I was building team after team, I was testing against national teams playing in Vassal. The thing I realized was I could not beat these teams going second. I thought about what it would take to win going second. My personal answer was to out ramp my opponent. Thus the first part of the name Ramp.
In this team there are three cards that fit the Ramp Section.

Now to talk about each, first starting with the simplest.

Ok there is a lot of talk about PXG, those who know how to use it, win. My rule of thumb is use it if you know how. I will consistently slow down my buying if I think it will hurt my ramp. So after the first turn I am looking to keep at least two masks, but really I want three at all time. Three masks means I will always pull my entire dice pool. That is very important to me, if at worse I will always have 2 masks. Early on I like to burn, or take damage from not having enough dice in my bag to pull during draw phase. First it means I have all my dice, but it is also the only time I can trade life for energy and with two 6 cost and one 5 cost characters in the team early on it is great to trade life for energy. Now do you need PXG for this team? YES! This is a team must, does it have to be trainer, NO! As long as you have the global recruiter is fine. But if the team is all about Ramp then you better have PXG. Now second card for this group.

This is how you out ramp your opponent. I like to look at these guys like super sidekicks. They are how you get more energy faster than your opponent. I usually buy two of these first turn if I can, then maybe 1 more during the game. These guys speed you up, but they are just like sidekicks with a possible two energy side. I use them for just that, if I get them on their 1 or 2 side I will just as likely use them for Blue-eyes fodder. I use them as chump blockers, and often people worry about them and knock them out for me which just means they waste energy and I get energy, and that at itsí core is ramping. Buy three and pxg and use this to get out the big guns Hulk, Jinzo or Nova. But I will get more into them later right now we are talking about the ramp team. Use these guys as fodder to fuel bigger things. Donít worry about them. Yet are they necessary, YES! You cannot play this team without them. Good news they are an uncommon, and D&D is everywhere. Last card for the Ramp.

Ok so this card is our energy fixer. What that means is you use it to deal with rolling to many pawns or to many kobolds on character faces. This allows you to recycle through the dice in the field. As an example of you have one kobold out in the field and you role two more as character faces you use Blue-eyes to turn them back into energy to buy Hulk/Jinzo/Nova. Then on your next turn you can again role the kobolds as energy which is as good as pulling them out of the bag. Blue-Eyes is not required for the team, he is helpful but you can replace him. My suggestions are other globals that you may want to use. Be creative.

So that is my feeling on the Ramp section of the team. Now the fun part about these cards is they fit other decks as well. You can just plug these guys into any other team that has expensive end conditions. Cyclops: If looks could kill and Apocalypse: Earth 295 come to mind. So now we move to the assit section of the team.

The idea of the assist team is they help the team to complete itsí goals, they support other cards or they defend and slow the opponent so you can get out the big end condition. These guys donít win the game for you but they help, and yes some of them are completely necessary. The cards for this part of the team are.

Ok letsí start by looking at the basic actions:

Ok this card should be pretty self-explanatory, we use this in conjunction with Hulk and Nova as end condition. You can also use it to remove chump blockers, but really I just use it to ping Hulk and Nova. Ping Hulk for character removal, ping nova as an end condition. If you do not have slifer this card is a must to have. Period.Not much else to say. Next

You use this for speed. You use this to buy Jinzo or Hulk turn three, you may also need to use it if someone brings Joker or Constantine. This is a fixer of fixer cards. Simply put you use this card to get what you need our immediately. Itís your extreme flex card. But I suggest only buying one. Any more and you have a chance of messing up your ramp. I think for now in the meta this card is pretty required in any deck, so Yes you must have it for this team. Also his global allows you to switch Nova up which you want and Hulk down to his burst which you want. Ok basic actions are set.

This card is for the global you can use this global to power magic missile and blue eyes. It is ability to really use your end condition and remove multiple characters. It is a very versatile card, when you look stuck always look for a bolt and this card and see what it can do for you. This card is a must in the team, but itís in the base set so no problems.

Ok so I look at this team as a midrange control team. For that you need things to stall agro players, and that is where Hellblazer comes in. The thing I have to tell you is that you need to really pay attention to your opponent and what is in his used/prep and bag. This card helps a lot but if you do not pay attention he is useless. This means this card is totally finesse. You have to concentrate with him, sometimes the choice is obvious and sometimes it is not. This card is not a must for the team, but you need to look for other cards that can stall your opponentís momentum if you choose not to use him. Also make that choice cheap. This is our other cheap character, so nothing over three cost. This last one may seem in the wrong spot, but it isnít trust me.

Ok, first and foremost I have this card in my team for a couple of reasons: 1. I worked really hard to get it and I am gonna use it, 2. It frightens people, 3. It is a useful card. Honestly it is in this order that he is in the team. He is not required, and he is not an end condition. This is a stall tool. This is to increase the opponents costs. What I mean is I add the cost of life to the use of globals and actions. This card will not kill a good player it will just make him/her work harder to get to their end goal. That is why this card is in the assist section. He helps the deck but he doesnít win games. In fact he is not really necessary in the team. You can play with something else, something that fits your play style. But I have him because he fits my go ahead and do that if you want to sarcastic/sadistic play style.

Ok that covers the more complicated ideas the last is simple, End game conditions

Ok so the rest of the name is BaBomb and these are the two cards that bring that. (BTW for stupid geek knowledge BaBomb came to me because I love the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World and his band was called ďSex BabombĒ.) Ok so one at a time.

We all know Jade Giant he is a great character removal. He fits into the control of this team. He hits like a tank. He works. Now you can replace him for Green Goliath. I just find the ability to remove that one dangerous character no matter his life a plus versus clearing everything a little at the time. Plus I would rather spend 2 life instead of 4 if my opponent also brings Jinzo. So I say you decide how you want to do it. But I prefer Jade Giant. So simply get him out use Polymorph to get him to his burst side and then Magic Missile him to remove what is in your way. Simple. So is the next guy.

Nova ping is a well-known strategy and I did not come up with it. Attack with a pawn or kobold, ping nova with magic missile and your opponent takes two for every ping. Attack with him if you want, it just depends on the board at any given time. But this guy is the real end condition, while you will work on getting the hulk out first, it is Nova that will finish the match.
That is the team break down. This is already a long Blog so, I will finish talking about the team tomorrow with Strategy and game dynamics.

Till thenÖ

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