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Too Stoked for Zen Bins

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So I've already posted my current method of collection in the galleries, but I will re-link it here. No reason to waste my bandwidth, and TRP's server space re-uploading the same pictures: [url][/url] .

I actually really like it a lot, but I do have the problem of having to sometimes take out and put back in every last dice of a set (keep Marvel and DC in separate "bins") when I'm looking for the last one die, so it'll be nice to have dice of a feather sticking together - I'm so sorry for that. I've also definitely been looking for a way to carry my decks. Right now, I use one of those hard plastic double boxes with the 2 inserts that come out (not an official Wizkids Dice Masters boxes per set), and with 12 total cards for a deck (8 main, 2 BACs, 2 colors), I can fit 2 decks worth of sleeved cards and dice in each, including the basic action dice. If I just put in one deck and its 26 total dice into a half-box insert, I have room to put in a dice bag into the rest of that insert, with 8 sidekicks and 2 D20s, so I can have a full deck and dice bag and BACs for 2 people on me. Otherwise, I have a card tin for the BACs otherwise, and I use an old vaporizer box that's a perfect size to fit my AVX and JL (separated by the stock dice bags, inspired by a friend whom I'm not sure would like to be named), and had to eventually put my UXM (this is all my 1 of each card that's sleeved and put in numerical order, except the BACs - I keep the dupes in random deck boxes) into one of my really wide deck boxes that I had extra Marvel in.

I'm probably not going to put ALL of my collection into Zen Bins (cards, definitely will for dice), just because I'd rather keep the cards for each set on their edges, in a horizontal stack in a per-set sized box (I'm running out of random nice clothing/electronics item boxes to use for my hobbies), because from what it looks like, one tray can only fit 32 sleeved (64 unsleeved) cards, so for a full set of any set is going to take over 4 stacks - which I guess makes some sense, considering that each tray holds 40 dice, so with five trays, you'll have room for five dice for 40 different die types.

I got the smoky upgrade, so even though I actually won two contest for two free lid/base sets, unless I wanted them to just be in the regular plastic, I'll have to wait for it to all be finished being made.

When it is though, I'll be stoked, because what I have right now is one small latch coming undone from giving me a nerd heart attack if I pick it up without remembering to triple-check the latches are locked - and it's so fat that when I pull it out of a backpack, it fits, but it still pushes down on the edges (which pop out a little bit from the thinner tray because the two dice stack is just exactly not too tall) from the sides of the inside of the backpack, and has opened it up in the pack before; if nothing else, this is going to be greatness for traveling with specific sets and not everything, along with specific teams, all latched together in the same way, and safely.

Anyway, this is me being stoked, and having time to, before class starts in an hour or so.

Praise Uatu.

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