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Iíve been lucky enough to play the game against a lot of great players, and have recently been helping a few playtest for worlds. One card that recently brought to my attention in a big way by Dave Walsh was an overlooked Yugioh card:

Summoned Skull Ė Lightning Strike is an extremely effective aggro card that will push the tempo in plenty of situations. Building around this card I wanted to go with a classic shell that would allow for offensive versatility, all while taking advantage of another current favorite of many, Prismatic Spray. Coming up with a team was easy enough, and itís an incredibly effective team to pilot, but itís far from budget friendly.

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This team is fast, efficient and very versatile in the early game. With plenty of cheap characters early game bad rolls are less likely to happen, and this team will take advantage of any global ramp that the opponent decides to bring to the table. Going first this team should look to play Tsarina first turn, saving for a double pxg if itís available. Ideally you would like to buy the spray on turn 2, allowing for it to go off on turn 3 destroying your opponents ramp and giving you around a two turn advantage. When this goes off itís not long from here, Tsarina, Gobby, and Summoned Skull make this a very short game, with a helpless opponent.

The biggest problem with this team, itís just plain not affordable to build. Assuming you were to build this team from the ground up today, CoolStuffInc would gladly accept $199.18 of your hard earned money as of the posting date. Would it be possible to build this style of team on a $10 budget, and would it be competitive? The answer, a resounding yes to both!

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While not exactly the same, this team revolves around the same principals of its expensive brother, small efficient characters that hit hard and do it all again. Lets break down why this is the teamÖ

Ariel fits the bill as a low cost mask character that can do some quick damage. For 2 cost with a TrFC of 001 this card can swing for damage fast and efficiently. Another option that was considered was the 1 cost Morphing Jar. I donít see a problem with either choice here.

Lily is an underrated powerhouse of a cardÖ the ability to swing for 7 damage from a 3 cost cannot be overlooked. Yet again we look at high damage from a TrFC character of 001. Looking at all the options for a 2 or 3 cost budget fist character, Lily stands out as the clear winner with her damage she inflicts, as well as the built in hulk trigger.

As an offensive character, not the best, however where he shines is his mathematical advantage. Most people have discounted him as a 50/50 with action dice, but itís actually 62.50/37.50 in your favor. Remembering your opponent has a 75% chance of hitting that poly, only to have it then cut in half from there is phenomenal from a 2 cost. With action dice, such as polymorph and prismatic spray gaining popularity Constantine will shift the odds in your favor that the opponent will miss it the majority of times. On top of that, as an emergency bad roll offensive buy heís going to hit for 2 or 3 damageÖ

Cheap efficient character that deals damage very well, guaranteed damage upon attack plus 2 or 3 from a 3 cost bolt with a TrFC of 011. Boltís are the hardest option to go budget 2 or 3 cost, they just donít make many, and for good reasons. Cheetah clearly takes it over Ghost Rider, who wants to pay that fielding cost?


Board clear if needed, pairs extremely well with our basic actions and Lily. Relentless high defense characters, attack with everything and deal yourself 2 damage with LilyÖ Instant board clear and free attackers! Great option to have if your opponent brings poly as well, plusÖ well, itís hulkÖ He hits for a ton.


Constantine Hellblazer got you down? Pay the bolt, take the damage and donít worry that your opponent knows you have 3 Lilyís being fielded next turn! A poke global can be really detrimental to your opponent in an extreme aggro teamÖ donít be afraid to use it!

No explanation needed with this one, keep up your ramp.

This is what makes the final kill shot. When you have to many characters to guarantee that pxg will get you what you need. It is nice playing relentless on an opponent, attacking for loads of damage, and then guaranteeing that those characters will be backÖ next turn!

TURN 1: Its good to have options early, and this team has them in spades. No matter the energy you have a budget buy that will work extremely well for you. Ideally you would like to hold two energy for pxg, but if you can only hold one Lily or Cheetah are great early options to jump start the pace.

TURN 2: Empty bag! If you can save 3 sources after a purchase go for it and pxg three times on your opponents turn, that way you can roll 10 dice on turn 3. If thatís not an option save as many sources as possible, make a purchase and use resurrection, prepping the two dice you purchased, guaranteeing you will draw both of them. Pxg as many times as possible on your opponents turn.

TURN 3: Damage time! Start throwing characters at your opponent, by this time you will probably start to swarm with Lily or Cheetah, keep up the ramp, making sure you count how many dice you can pull each turn.

TURN 4+: Keep the formula going, using Summoned Skull if you feel you can hit for lethal next turn if you could only draw the characterÖ

Best thing about this teamÖ It's under budget... Including shipping! CoolStuffInc will only set you back $8.50 for this team as of posting. A team that's effective and fast, that's almost 24 times cheaper than the original.

Let me know if you like the post, if it does well I may try to make budget build posts regularly.


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  1. Necromanticer's Avatar
    I love the idea of taking high-level meta teams and reconstructing them with common and attainable parts. While I'm not a fan of Summoned Skull in any of his variations, I still am enthralled by the concept and can't wait to see what sort of team you cook-up next.
  2. AJV1785's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Necromanticer
    I love the idea of taking high-level meta teams and reconstructing them with common and attainable parts. While I'm not a fan of Summoned Skull in any of his variations, I still am enthralled by the concept and can't wait to see what sort of team you cook-up next.
    Thanks for the kind words, and yes, Summoned Skull is not everyones cup of tea! As people have pointed out you don't need the most expensive cards to be competative, and I found myself using them as a go to and having little variations across my builds. Budget teams take more thought for sure, but they do work very well...