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Wiktor Makowski


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Hello My name is Wiktor and I live in an Eastern Europe country known as Poland.
I have something like 20 years of experience in card games (from M:TG, through L5R and UFS up to more esoteric stuff like Kult and Doomtrooper), wargaming and as an Gamemaster. I usually don't put this in my CV.
Currently I greatly enjoy Dice Masters, and with every passing week I discover how deep this game is.
I will write some blog entries from time to time, some with my deck ideas, and some more strategy orientated.
As English is not my first language you may sometimes encounter strange sentence structure, or words, so in such a case feel free to correct me.
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  1. Vapedaveb's Avatar
    Welcome, and your English is better than mine! So welcome!! By chance do you play on Google+ with small robot sometimes?