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Wiktor Makowski

Shields Up !

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So for my first blog entry I've chosen a deck idea that's brewing for some time.
Shields Up is a deck that is heavily based on shield type energy, that tries to slow down opponent, while setting it's own win condition, and works a bit with meta.

Shields have a few interesting win condition choices, but one stands really out. He provides both the numbers and the means to get to them in one, iron clad package:
Once we get him to level 3 he get's really dangerous. Double damage is 10 on it's own, and once we slap
on him we get 16 damage and the overcrush to get them through. He is also quite beefy with his high defense, and a global that both set's his own ability, and one that we can abuse some more.

Now what we need is some way to spin him up, and a way to have him blocked when we want, and with what we want. The second idea is solved quite simply:
As long as something is a villain we can force it block Iron man, and since it needs to be a villain in the first place for his ability to kick in, well you where it going.

Sadly the spinning part is harder to get, the only one we really can count on is:
But aside for an global that we will find essential in setting up iron man to a level 3 finisher, we get one of best actions there are. It's great both on offense where we can use it to cheat in our Iron man during a fight and is a great piece of removal that gets a creature off the field zone without actually getting it KO'ed. Polymorph is one of most versatile and underrated basic action cards, that is not getting all the love it needs.

Since we already have a way to make anything into a villain let's introduce the removal, one and only:
He is shield, he has quite okay stats and he can remove anything that is a villain, once again without actually KO'ing. All we need to do is make Iron Man point on someone and he gets rid of him, almost like he was a with hunter, and Tony an inquisitor, declaring who's evil here.

Along with Cap we should also bring with us:
We can use it to get rid off die that Cap placed in prep and it's quite good at disrupting opponent's ramp, slowing him down. While not a shield we can't really pack up whole our team with just shields, as one energy type constructions are not really stable, and unlike bolts we don't get something like To Cool for Words global to do some fixing. So what we have here is something that both helps us to fix energy a little, hampers our opponent, and works well with one of our main pieces.

With all the shield here we could use some Anthem like effect that affects shields as a whole, and there is one suiting as quite well:
Now when this one hits field zone our opponent will find out that getting rid of any of our creatures is near to impossible. Good luck with using that Hulk, you'll need to do a lot of pinging if you hope to kill anything here. Also he proves to be a dragon lord, as most breath attacks are done from green, red or blue dragons, and he stops those as well.

Now we need some way to make us a bit faster, to give us some ramp and mitigate our very high filed costs. Let's invite a pair of magicians to our team:
Constantine will let us filed our character for free. We just need to look what we can get and name for a 100% discount. Zatanna provides us with our only ramp in here and she is not a shield and this is a good news, as she is the one character we really want to be KO'ed as often as it's possible.

Now there is one slot free, so let's include something hat really slows opponent down:
Now this one let's us shut down opposing PXG when he want's to use it on our turn, while still being able o use it on his, we can put hulk down If we don't have Lord of D out, or we ecounter Jade Giant user, it even let's us deal with Hellbrazer. With this control piece in our hands we can really set the game's peace to our desire.

So the final mix looks like that:

This is what can be called shield control. Team with win condition, removal, some way to deal with a popular meta, one that can abuse every piece of ramp opponent brings, and hope to deny some to him. It has everything it needs and is both original and fun to play. While not tier 1, it works quite well and can surprise some opponents riding a one trick hul.. I mean pony teams.

It's really hard to set up a strategy for this team as it really depends on what opponent has on a table, but with so little ramp on our own, we should use what others give us heavily. Round 2 buy should usually be Prismatic Spray, unless there really is nothing we want to shut down during round 3-4. If we see Hulk getting Lord of D. out is essential, but in other cases we should go for Cap first. Once we set up some wall we can buy Wonder Woman, and Iron Man and try to swing for a win. Polymorph should be ought somewhere during second cycle (turns 3-4) as it's an extremely versatile action card.
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  1. Dave's Avatar
    I love this Iron Man. The core of this team is close to what I've started with as well when trying to make him work.