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My First Attempt at Organized Play

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Team List:
Human Torch - JohnnyStorm x3
Punisher - McRook x 4
Cheetah - Cursed Achaeologist x 4
Constantine - Con Artist x 2
Hulk - Green Goliath x 2
Angel - Air Transport x 3
Ant-man - Biophysicist x 2

Anger Issues

So, I ran this team for my first organized event. The event was limited to DC and Marvel sets.

My first match I was up against a villain team that centered around getting Dr. Doom - Reed Richards' Rival and Venom - Angelo Fortunato out quickly to neutralize low cost characters and sidekicks. My biggest issue was not being familiar with my opponents cards. By the time I realized that I needed to field the Hulk it was just too little too late. In retrospect I probably should have been far more aggressive in fielding my defensive line. Fielding Hulk should have taken precedence over fielding everyone else. But, with every loss comes a lesson. That lesson was that even if I can do steady damage to my opponent it doesn't matter if I can't protect my self.

During my second match I made sure to scan the board for any card I didn't recognize. Nope, I know all of those. I noticed Kwannon Assassin staring me in the face, and I knew I'd have to watch my Human Torch. On turn one I was able to purchase a Cheetah and I set aside a die for PXG. Turn two I snatched up a Human Torch die and was able to set aside two die for PXG. I couldn't have asked for a better first two turns. It was easy pickings from there. I drew Human Torch and Cheetah turn three. From there it was just cycling through Ant-men, Cheetahs, and Sidekicks until I had achieved lethal damage.

Unfortunately my third match wasn't really anything to write about. My opponent had a lot of really expensive characters and no way to get them out. At no point did he have more than The Atom - Science Adviser and a sidekick on the field.

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