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Slinging Dice At Worlds

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After staying up late playing Sherriff of Nottingham with @IsaacBV , @geneaber , @joshaber , and @Dave , then once again with this crew at the late Dice Tower Live event, we then proceeded (minus Dave) to head to Hocking HIlls State Park in SE Ohio for 3 more days of gaming and hiking, I finally feel like I am getting caught up on my rest. It has given me some tiime to reflect on my wins (plural) and Losses (bigger plural) in the World's Championship Qualifier.

I began playing casually with my son and @IsaacBV and @geneaber and their sons. Then our local game stores started running unlimited constructed events and I was hooked. I barely remember my first few teams and the losses I was handed, but I have been tweaking ever since. When I finally landed on a modified High Hopes team and won a local 8 person Swiss tournament, I started seriously thinking about going to Worlds. My plan had been to go and draft AoU until they announced that there would be no AoU sold or drafting at the show. At that point I knew I would at least try my luck. I knew I would see better teams and better players there, but with the wide variance that the dice can cause, I knew that I stood a chance.

I had to get up at 4am to drive my family to Columbus in time for me to register for Origins and get to the Wizkids tournament area on time. My first 2 match ups were against casual players who had only recently gotten into the hobby. And Ant Man/Patch worked like a dream and I won easily. I was thrilled to be going deep into the Friday qualifier with a 2-0 head start. However, then came my first of 3 matches against Jinzo Dream, I mean Trap, Destroyer. It is fair to say that Jinzo ruined my chances. My plan was highly PXG dependent for ramp to be able to get enough energy for masks for Relentless and Bolts for the Invulnerability global to punch up Ant Man and punch him through. So foolishly I paid the Jinzo toll - 6 health for 3 PXG uses and the chance to roll 10 dice for the win. And then to get SKs and shields and fists and watch the reality sink in that I had to triple PXG again to have high hopes for the next round. Down 14 points (12 of my own doing), my opponent ran me over easily.
The next game went much like the last, not having learned my lesson that giving away over half of your health for 2 back to back triple PXGs is a bad defensive strategy. Again I couldn't get the rolls I needed to overcome his Jinzo. The last match up of the Swiss rounds was a must-win for me. A 3-2 record could possibly get me into the semifinals depending on how the tiebreakers worked out. However, my last opponent brought Jinzo and Lord of D Ring and so I started buying Storm Goddess of the Plains dice to clear them all out - and then he pulled out his secret weapon - Venom, Angelo Fortunado. Parked in his field, my Storms died as they were fielded. I should have just ceded the match at that point, but I played out my doom. Too many blockers without Relentless. Globals hurt me and there was nothing I could do. Except go play Mammoth Catan with the rest of my family.

Lessons learned: I played too defensively when I saw what my last 3 match ups brought to the table and it took me much too long to get my win condition to the field, giving them time to get Jinzo out. The Jinzo life tax is only worth paying to win the game. Paying to get dice to ramp later is a bad idea. I learned to USE Hellblazer if I bother to bring, buy, and field him. I learned to use my opponent's globals too. I also learned that everybody I played against was a great sport and would talk with me afterwards about the match and how it went and what could have worked better for me. It taught me that I needed to playtest more and it whetted my appetite for high tier competitive play. Knowing that the eventual winner brought cards to the table that no one expected has me flipping back through my card binder, looking for the hidden combos.
My Next constructed tournament is a C/UC only event at our local game store and this will give me a chance to flex some of those creative muscles without Tsarina, Gobby, Venom AF, Jinzo TD,and Constantine HB getting in the way. I'll let you know how it goes.
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  1. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Nice article @jevansfp ! had an awesome time as well
  2. jevansfp's Avatar
    Thanks @IsaacBV ! When is part 2 of your tale happening?
  3. IsaacBV's Avatar
    It will be up Saturday!
  4. Dave's Avatar
    Can't believe I didn't see this until now. Great read!
  5. joshaber's Avatar
    that was tons of fun!