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Demo Event at FLGS - Can't wait to teach some newbs

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Newb - A term used to describe a inexperienced gamer/person/etc. Unlike a noob, a newb is someone who actually wants to play or get better.

The day has been set - June 27th.

The FLGS location has been chosen - The Game Chamber, London, ON. (Canada).

Demonstration teams defined - I have made several changes to these teams since the idea first came to me. Read about the initial demonstration teams here.

Two Basic Marvel Teams

The Marvel teams are now more a collection of familiar favourite characters then the initial builds where I was trying to achieve some synergy. I felt these teams would be better suited with children or people new to table top gaming. Personally, the Marvel characters were my original hook into the game.
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Two Advanced DC Teams

The DC teams are competitively built in terms of maximum number of dice and use of synergies. Both teams make great use of their respective affiliations and have either a cost reduction or churn mechanic built in (Aquaman and Red Tornado).
Justice League:
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I have play tested the above DC teams a couple times. They seem to be relatively even-matched. Although, in one game my opponent had Superman out early; fielded to his 8A 8D side. This was difficult to manage with no removal ability on the Villains team. Ultimately they were fun to pilot which is my primary concern for a demonstration.

In preparation for game play I printed some playmats to hand out and gathered all the dice bags I could find.
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Prizes are a way of thanking someone for participating but I also think they can act at a gateway.

Using my extra cards and dice I created several 8 character card and die packs for each participant. I also bought a pile of UxM booster packs. As an intermediate prize I have two Professor X: Recruiting Young Mutants cards with die for the first two participant who win a game against the demonstrator.
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The Grand Prize is a fully constructed, sleeved DC Team for the participant who wins against the demonstrator with the most life remaining (I'm still wondering if this is the best condition to award the full team. Can't think of a better Idea).
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All demonstration teams/prizes are comprised of extra cards and dice from my own collection. I have been struggling to figure out what do to with them. Do I sell them? Do I keep them in another box? When the demo day idea began to form it was satisfying to know that they may have a purpose.


In general, I feel pretty comfortable teaching others. Training is a part of my day job. Thanks to @BigHungryBil blog post I have a really good strategy to teach Dice Masters to young gamers as well as those new to table top gaming. For the more experienced gamer or MtG player I have been making myself familiar with terminology (specifically MtG) so that I can better equate terms they use to this game.


The ultimate goal is to attract lots of new players to the game, growing the community and have 30+ people show up to every event. I'm excited already...


Recently I attended a keynote speech presented by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. In his alternative methodology to success he suggests replacing goals with systems. I am going to take a page from his book, literally, and suggest this is a system I will employ. By getting into the FLGS(s) and teaching/playing the game I will create a system of having fun with other like minded individuals. The system will lead to success by numbers or success because I had a good time doing it. Either way I win.

Any other suggestions for teaching, prize distribution, running an event at an FLGS are gladly welcomed.

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  1. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Nice plans, let us know how it goes!